San Marcos de Arica and his bitter defeat after expedition in Copiapó [FOTOS]

Wrong encounter was that of San Marcos de Arica in Copiapó, where the locals abused their moments to win the victory.
Given the change in the timetable (from 4 pm to 8 pm) the climatic situation seemed to have preferred the pitch of the high north. Of the nearly 1,000 people who arrived at the Luis Valenzuela Hermosilla stadium, applause for the 40 Arica fans who arrived by bus after long hours.

The Braves went to the field to score important points in the damn fight of the descent. After long minutes of "study" the first pineapple fell on the artificial grass for the place that responded to the 31 "to stop them: Roman takes a pitch from outside the area that drives out the goalkeeper Peranic, who manages to connect the ball, but not enough to avoid the first number. The miners are enlarged and go for more, but the judge ends the first phase.

Yes or yes, San Marcos had to generate a change in the second half, which was only in the years & # 39; 60, when Alexis Vega and Matías Sánchez; however, this last player he would only be on the field for 10 minutes if he had an injury, which arose the entire plan by coach Hernán "Clavito" Godoy. That is how the national team under the 20 Esteban Valencia signed up.

From that moment on we entrusted with a brilliant move that caused the badger, because in the archery target, the Peranic goal was remarkable, which on several occasions drowned the shouting of the Copiapó goal. however, 5 minutes after the end, in a series of setbacks in the saga, Juan Jaime surpasses the goalkeeper and marks the second for the buzz of the León de Atacama.

Again we have a result that leaves us last in the Primera B rankings. Again, all teams are very close: 13 ° Puerto Montt with 25 points; 14th Melipilla with 24; 15 ° La Serena with 23 and 16th San Marcos de Arica with 22 units. We must continue to insist on adversity.

The next meeting of San Marcos it will be in the historical Carlos Dittborn, the Sunday 9 September, on 5 pm in front of Rangers of Talca.

Photos & # 39; s: Facebook / Crowd Clamor

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