Finalize the date 20 of the championship of First B and the results confirm that Coquimbo Kingdom follows as a solid leader of the match with 40 points.
Four units difference brought him to his closest pursuer, Cobresal, who is 36 and six of the group that is part of Valdivia Sports, Santiago Morning, and his next opponent, Cobreloa.

The loins are unbeaten by the hand of "Kalule" Meléndez, coach of the miners, who took over after the resignation of Rodrigo Pérez, because as a local he achieved the most striking results: two victories by a landslide, one against San Marcos Arica , 4-0 and against Deportes Melipilla 6-0.
Pablo Parra, Jorge Luna and goal-maker Lucas Simón are his main characters, but Coquimbo Unido has played at a great level that is capable of looking for loot outside the home.

"Hopefully we can bring something from Calama, because the game will be very complicated, we still have 10 finals and everything that stands out is welcome," said Coquimban coach Patricio Graff.
For this match, the aurinegros of the goal lose Matías Cano, who is in good health, but he complied with the fifth yellow card which caused him to be suspended due to this bet. Moreover, you can not count on Mario Pardo, who was deported for Deportes La Serena.

A capacity of 7 thousand spectators was allowed for the party that will take place in the Zorros del Desierto stadium in Calama, Cobreloa and Coquimbo Unido.
The tickets, for the game that is played on Sunday, August 26 at 12 o'clock, are already on sale through the site and the gallery has a value of 5000 pesos.

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