The alignments that Colo Colo and U prepare for the classic

Colo Colo and University of Chile they will be at the Monumental Stadium for the first time this Saturday at noon, before the twenty-first date of the National Championship 2018, in superclassic number 184 of Chilean football.

For this bet both squadrons prepare the best they have and that is why both the & # 39; Cacique & # 39; as the & # 39; Romantic Traveler & # 39; the figures will see again.

The coach Hector Tapia, although the albos contest four days after the rematch against Corinthians for Copa Libertadores, in Sao Paulo, he would use a team that looks like the team that beats the "Timão" in Santiago, with Esteban Paredes and Jorge Valdivia included.

The "Popular" also has the return of Matías Zaldivia and Claudio Baeza, who met with a suspension date against Deportes Iquique, adding to Paredes, Valdivia and Carlos Carmona, sheltered by the "Tito" in the north.

In this way Colo Colo would align itself in the Superclásico Agustín Orión in goal; Matías Zaldivia, Julio Barroso and Juan Manuel Insaurralde in defense; Oscar Opazo, Claudio Baeza, Carlos Carmona and Damián Pérez in the middle; Jorge Valdivia, Esteban Paredes and Lucas Barrios on offense.

For his part, the U has not kept many letters in it the victory over O & # 39; Higginsbut the big surprise for the arch rival would be the return of the lateral Jean Beausejourwho missed the last five commitments.

The lefthanded, who was injured in the quarterfinals of Copa Chile, would be recovered, so coach Frank Kudelka would put him on the left wing, so Matías Rodríguez regains his position as right back.

Do not forget that the blue coach tried Fernando Saavedra and a Franz Schultz by the left band to replace "Bose", but finding no solution changed the side of Rodriguez.

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