The concern that Rueda has and can influence the future of the Chilean national team

A complicated panorama

This Monday Reinaldo Rueda spoke to the media at a press conference in the city of Suwon in the preview of the game that will support the Chilean national team on Tuesday against 8:00 against South Korea.

For the strategist who played the friendly against Japan caused a change in planning and let him try new alternatives in the team with less time. "The schedule was for two matches, when 23 players are called, he tries to integrate values ​​into those two games, which were limited by a situation of force majeure, and we're starting up recently," said the DT.

"We have to overcome that, it's something that changes everything: one has up to six variants and sometimes these variants denature the game, we want to compete and we look for variants at the same time," the strategist added.

This problem can only apply to players who were first called by La Roja, who may be frustrated about the ability to debut due to the fact that they will only have one game on this tour.

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