The Scaloni selection: seven answers to understand a list that has been launched in the future

Scaloni and Aimar start their time as interim trainers of the Argentine national team with a strong dedication to innovation Credit: twitter AFA

The global overview of the Argentine national team – what before, during and after Russia happened – outside the playing field, opened the appetite of those who demanded a deep transformation of the bases.

Lionel Scaloni
is only an instrument – for now, it is the interim DT – of a scenario that requires an action plan, a long-term project. However, in the meantime, build the prologue of the future, days after the ordination in the tournament of Alcudia-surpassed Russia 2-1-, with the courage of a new era. Without Leo Messi – those who know him often say that "we should leave him alone" – without the historical – Sergio Romero is offered as an exception, with new blood born in the guts of our football and with the key of the goal from the couple running on Inter, Icardi-Lautaro Martínez. The excuse is two friendly. The situation is wide: it starts today and will certainly be extended over time.

Scaloni becomes the coach against Guatemala on September 7 in Los Angeles and against Colombia, on the eleventh of that month in New York. There are other FIFA dates available in October and November, but no confirmed matches. The AFA continues to look for the final DT, next to the ballot box by Pep Guardiola and convinced that Diego Simeone, the natural candidate, will continue with Atlético de Madrid, the owner of his heart.

The driver, 40 years old and on Tuesday he will hold his first press conference, he mentioned 29 players. He did not mention Nicolás Otamendi, a historical one, but it is intuitive that he will be on the next tour. The payroll has a refreshing, homely, youthful and far from the past. With a primal message: the attack of the future is consolidated in the present.

The seven responses from Scaloni's list

  • 1) Inter will make his debut this Sunday against Sassuolo, in the Serie A, probably with Icardi (it is the symbol, the captain) and Lautaro Martínez, who was part of the tests for the season. Somehow it was the two big faces that remained from Russia, although Jorge Sampaoli saw all the encounters in the cylinder and traveled to Milan to meet the shooter of Calcio. Gonzalo Higuaín and Sergio Agüero, two from the series with years of selection, because now they have to wait. The most daring say that it is the beginning of their final departure.
  • 2) As was known, he had to appoint seven World Cup winners – at least by a contract with the organizers of the friendly matches. He mentioned 9: Franco Armani (31), Gabriel Mercado (31), Nicolás Tagliafico (25), Eduardo Salvio (28), Marcos Acuña (26), Giovani Lo Celso (22), Paulo Dybala (24 years old), Maximiliano Meza (26) and Cristian Pavón (22). Of them Lo Celso and Dybala mysteriously had almost no part in the erratic journey through Russia.

  Mascherano is gone, Otamendi for now, and Tagliafico remains about
Mascherano is gone, Otamendi for now neither and Tagliafico is maintained Source: LA NACION – Credit: Santiago Filipuzzi

  • 3) Domestic, youthful and with a future. Manuel Roffo, Leonardo Balerdi (Boca) and Andrés Ayala (students) will start as sparring partners. The last two, champions in the recent youth tournament. Among those who supply the Superliga are -in Armani, Meza and Pavón-, Alan Franco (21), Fabricio Bustos (22), Pity Martínez (25), Exequiel Palacios (19) and Matías Vargas (21). The surprising thing is Leonel Di Plácido (24), born in All Boys, of convincing step of Atlético Tucumán, today in Lanús. It is a classic number 4. "I went into shock, I did not expect it, I did not know the list was coming in. Today it was my turn and I want to use it, we can not let our arms down because everyone can touch., I have made a small step inside, "a joke was allowed.

Scaloni will be the coach against Guatemala on September 7 in Los Angeles and against Colombia, on the 11th of that month in New York. There are other FIFA dates available in October and November, but no confirmed matches.

  • 4) There are players with sufficient distance outside and a fleeting step in the senior team. As Mauro Icardi (25), Lautaro Martínez (20), Gerónimo Rulli (26), Germán Pezzella (27), Ramiro Funes Mori (27), Leandro Paredes (24), Ángel Correa (23).
  • 5) There are players without a past albiceleste, but with solid arguments, such as Walter Kannemann (27) Santiago Ascacibar (21), Rodrigo Battaglia (27), Franco Cervi (24) and Giovani Simeone (23) .
  • 6) A skillful unknown. Franco Vázquez (29), El Mudo, from Seville, former Belgrano, has a special history. His mother is Italian, so he has dual nationality; so he was able to play two exhibition games for Italy. "Thank God I did not play official matches, luckily I can fulfill the dream to wear the shirt of Argentina," he said.
  • 7) The only record is Sergio Romero (31), who has not yet stopped in Manchester United after being operated on his right knee, an injury that caused an earthquake in the privacy of the selected person. If it does not arrive, Esteban is called Andrada. His image is not subtle: he would be the only one of a payroll that carries Higuaín, Agüero, Di María, Rojo and Banega. Beyond Messi, Mascherano and Biglia blocked their selection history a long time ago. But the time is different: new blood appears behind the veterans, essential for the coverage of the renewal.

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