Universidad de Concepción defeated La Calera and returned to the fight for the title

In a key game in the battle for the leadership, Universidad de Concepción defeated as local 2-1 at Union La Calera and returned to second place in the standings. The game was only determined in the second half when the visitors made two specific errors that the cast led by Francisco Bozán took to stay with the game.

The first half ended without goals, but had several dangerous games involving Ángel Rodríguez in the 3 & # 39; and then Yonathan Andía in the 17 & # 39; took the ball out of line for Campanile's lead. The most obvious, however, was the work of Álvaro Césped, to whom the crossbar did not allow him to open the score in favor of the red box in 43 minutes.

Already in the second half the joy of the few spectators of Ester Roa was abandoned by the young Walter Ponce in 48 minutes, when he benefited from a deconcentration of the Calera defense and after a controversial help by José Huentelaf defined by hand as the inside edge to the arch of Claudio González.

But those led by Víctor Rivero continued to propose the game that holds them in second place and in the 64th minute a good piece ended with José Pablo Monreal who entered and defined the area with the instep of Cristián Muñoz.

And when equality seemed to be condemned, Hugo Droguett benefited from the fact that Gonzalez broke a middle and left the ball on a plate to the ex-man of Tecos, who only had to push it to win the victory at the table in the eighth region in 79 minutes.

The "Hawk" claimed two shots from Droguett two minutes later in the 80 "and 83", but it was not enough and the game ended in favor of the local team, which finished second on two units of the Catholic University. Those in the eighth area will face the U after recess.

On the other hand, the cementers were the third with 42 units and on the next date they will visit Everton in Viña del Mar.

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