Veracruz vs Chivas LIVE ONLINE LIVE via Televisa TDN and Fanatiz on date 5 of the Apertura 2018 Liga MX

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Chivas beat Veracruz 2-1 on the fifth date of the opening of the Mx League in the Luis Fuente Stadium. The goalkeeper Pedro Gallese participated in the entire match and the midfielder Wilder Cartagena played until the 74th minute.

& # 39; The Sacred Flock & # 39; solved this game in the first half, the big figure of this match was Eduardo Lopez, who took advantage of the red-neck defense of the red sharks to score the only two goals of the game at minutes 11 and 24.

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] The second part of the meeting was a simple procedure, Chivas limited himself only to defense and took care of his result, while Veracruz wanted that, but did not have enough weapons to do damage. Even his options were reduced when Rodrigo Noya saw the red card at minute 57.

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This is the second consecutive defeat of the sharks, since mid-week fell to America 3-0 for a new day of the Copa Mx with another team.



– 90 + 2 & # 39; Final of the game defeated Chivas Veracruz 2-0 without problems

– 90 & # 39; The central judge counts 2 More minutes before this match

– 89 & # 39; Tapatón by Pedro Gallese, the Peruvian goalkeeper avoids the third goal of Chivas with a great save.

– 87 & # 39; Gallese saves a left attempt from Sandoval, the match is still 2-0

– 84 & # 39; The figure of the match, Edua rdo Lopez almost scored the third for Chivas, the vanguard appeared from the right wing until he found the space to end and Gallese had to demand to block the ball.

– 82 & # 39; López seeks his hat-trick with a powerful shot in the middle segment that blocks the defense of Tiburones.

– 79 & # 39; Esquivel again tries to generate danger on the bow of Chivas, but the defense of Guadalajara deactivates every attack.

– 74 & # 39; Change in Veracruz, Wilder Cartagena comes out and Luis Antonio Martínez joins

– 73 & # 39; Replacement at Chivas de Guadalajara, Walter Sandoval emerges and Ángel Baltazar Sepúlveda enters

– 72 & # 39; Shot very deflected from Veracruz, the newly admitted Esquivel tried the distance.

– 68 & # 39; Yellow card! José Hibert Alberto Ruíz de Veracruz has been booked

– 64 & # 39; Yellow card for Veracruz, Osmar Mares is being booked by the referee.

– 62 & # 39; Replacement body Edwin William Hernández arrives at Chivas Miguel Ángel Ponce

– 61 & # 39; First c ambio of Veracruz, Adrián Nicolás Luna leaves and Carlos Esquivel joins

– 57 & # 39; Red card for Veracruz, Rodrigo Noya goes to the showers early after a strong offense at Zaldivar.

– 53 & # 39; Veracruz came out with a different attitude in this second time and is getting closer and closer to the goal of Gudiño.

– 48 & # 39; Corner shot for Chivas charging Lopez

– 46 & # 39; Sandoval is brought down near the Veracruz area and causes a very dangerous free-kick Chivas.

– 45 & # 39; The second half starts in the Luis & # 39; Pirata & # 39; Fuente. Chivas wins 2-0 from the Red Sharks of Veracruz.


– 45 & # 39; At the end of the first half, without extra time, the referee ends this first half, Veracruz falls 0-2 against Chivas.

– 42 & # 39; Yellow card for Pole Menéndez after an angry complaint to the central judge.

– 40 & # 39; Chivas de Guadalajara manages the ball without any problem, the red sharks seem to have lowered their arms

– 36 & # 39; Again the Pool Menéndez who tries to carry danger for Veracruz, this time his shot was saved without problems by goalkeeper Gudiño.

– 32 & # 39; Cartagena & # 39; s strong offense on striker Zaldivar de las Chivas.

– 30 & # 39; Saldivar missed the third for Chivas after he had thrown a ball to the right-hand post of Gallese.

– 28 & # 39; The goalkeeper Gudiño avoids the discount for Veracruz after stopping a clear game ahead of Carrasco.

– 24 & # 39; GOOOAAAL OF CHIVAS! After a rebound in a defense by Tiburones, Lopez takes the ball again and defines Pedro Gallese with a subtle definition.

– 21 & # 39; Eduardo López leads the Chivas attack that is more close to the second.

– 20 & # 39; Almost the second comes for Chivas, eventually Sandoval sends his shot to the left post of Gallese and the ball is lost very close to the goal.

– 18 & # 39; New danger free throw for Chivas, López again for the ball

– 13 & # 39; The Pole Menéndez missed the draw for the Red Sharks after a great save by keeper Gudiño

– 11 & # 39; ¡GOOOOOOOOOL DE CHIVAS! Lopez makes a great individual game in the Veracruz area and after a detour in a defensive runner-goalkeeper Gallese.

– 7 & # 39; Dangerous free kick for Chivas who became awful by forward López.

– 5 & # 39; Paganoni flows over the right-hand side line, he centers dangerously and the goalkeeper deletes when he was fouled.

– 3 & # 39; Chivas has the first of the match by a weak and deflected shot from López.

– 1 & # 39; Start the match on date 5 of the Liga Mx, Veracruz and Chivas draw 0-0


VERACRUZ: Gallese; Paganoni, Noya, Rivas, Mares; Luna, Shelter, Cartagena, Luna; Carrasco; Menéndez

CHIVAS : Gudiño, Rankin, Mario de Luna, Jair Pereira, Aris Hernández, Míchel Pérez, Orbelin Pineda, Brizuela, Gael Sandoval, Eduardo López, Chelo Zaldivar


The chiva of Guadalajara have the opportunity to visit the Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz in the Luis "Pirata" Fuente Stadium, on the 5th of Opening tournament 2018 of the MX LIGA. In a meeting that opens the date of 07:00 p.m. (PERUAANSE HOUR) .

& # 39; The Sacred Flock & # 39; after the defeat he had last Sunday against Santos Laguna, & # 39; Las Chivas & # 39; will look for their first victory in the Mexican tournament when tomorrow, Friday, August 17. A chance to break this losing streak and stop in a round of victories.

This Wednesday, the Veracruz team announced the hiring of the Chilean technical director to take the helm of the team and put them in a victorious wave within Mexican football. Juvenal Olmos arrives with the Salvador sign after the direction of the Roja & # 39; (2003) and the Old Boys of Newell.

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"I feel like a full person, I'm not the same stubborn as a decade ago (…) It's a vital moment in my career, more cautious, in the previous phase I was very stubborn. he owed me, I felt that my career had not ended well, I led a little, in my life it was only seven years ago, then something stopped, it was broken down, but now I am calm ". He pointed to the brand new DT from Tiburones

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Finally, the conclusion of this contest is that it will be a candle, because Tiburones has just won the first victory against Puebla, and Chivas wants to break the losing streak by raising his head because It has currently only one point. All this is a perfect seasoning for the opener.


Veracruz: Gallese, Paganoni , Noya, Rivas, Mares, Chavez, Ruiz, Cartagena, Esquivel, Luna and Menéndez.

Guadalajara: Gudiño; From Rankin, Salcido, Pereira, Hernández; Pérez, Pineda, Brizuela, Sandoval; Pulido y Zaldívar


Peru, Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador: 7:00 pm

United States: 7:00 pm. (ET) / 16.00 hours (PT)

Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Nicaragua: 18.00 hours

Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela and Puerto Rico: 20.00 hours

Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile : 21.00

] Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Portugal: 2 hours in the morning (the next day)


On the internet the game between SHARKS VERACRUZ against CHIVAS DE GUADALAJARA, Libero. PE performs one minute to minute transfer with all incidents of the match and the goals immediately. You can also view the target summary at the end of the agreement.

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