Walls: Colo Colo goes out to win all matches

This Saturday is held Superclásico 184 of Chilean football between Colo Colo and the University of Chile and the undisputed protagonist of the last matches, Esteban Paredes, gave his impressions days of the expected game.

Walls in interview with The Mercury He relieved the pressure to continue with the 17-year series of triumphs in the Monumental and assured that "Colo Colo goes out to win all matches and more against the U".

He confirmed that the key of the popular team is the self confidence and they are mentalized in gaining a triumph. "The passion and the claw that everyone imposes makes us win so many years", he explained.

"The Colo Colo player knows of the white shirt, of the Indian and that before the U that he has to fight all the balls, to cross his head and that it is not possible to get lost", said the forefront.

On the other hand and consulted about his future in Colo Colo, Esteban Paredes knew that is not "obsessed" with getting a contract until the age of 40. He revealed that Anibal Mosa gave him the opportunity for many seasons of the & # 39; Popular & # 39; to draw, but it was the same albo leader who rejected the idea.

"He said to me:" I can contract you three, four or five years, but you will be the one who goes aside if you feel bad. " And if I feel that I'm not helping Colo Colo tomorrow, I'll move aside", said Paredes.

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