Watch out! Cássio was wounded in triumph where Corinthians tested the 11 that Colo Colo will receive

The keeper of Timao, who was a figure in the Monumental for the first stage of the second round of the Copa Libertadores, had to be replaced at 37 & # 39; by severe pains in the left area of ​​his hip. The box with Osmar Loss won 1-0 with a formation that is almost identical to the one that will play with the Cacique.

Corinthians also had their last squeeze before Colo Colo was received for the return of the eighth finals of the Copa Libertadores. And eventually he could win in the Brasileirao after having made three consecutive losses: he beat Paraná 1-0 with almost the same 11 that his coach, Osmar Loss, hopes to continue the Cacique.

Of course not everything was joy for the Timao: at 37 ℃ the goalkeeper Cássio had to be replaced by severe pains in the left part of his hip when he had already sent a few covered blinkers.

The painting from São Paulo aligned with Cássio (is replaced by Walter); Fágner, Paulo Henrique, Henrique and Danilo Avelar; Ralf and Douglas; Pedrinho, Jádson and Clayson; Roger. The only change expected for the game against Colo Colo is the arrival of Angel Romero like 9, he was suspended by expulsion.

The goal of Corinthians was the work of Henrique by air shortly before the injury of Cássio. Beware of that item, Colo Colo.

The match between the Timao and the Cacique will be this Wednesday from 8:45 pm.

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