Where do the 200 million for the Central American Games come from?

When the city of Panama wins, the appointment to become the headquarters of the Central American and Caribbean Games, in 2022, is a challenge and commitment to celebrate this fair with the greatest responsibility and transparency. The organizing committee was set up, led by Henry Pozo, who said that & # 39; backwardness & # 39; is in the delivery of funds to build sports structures and to renovate existing ones. "The mayor of Panama has already paid the $ 80,000 to the Central American and Caribbean sports organization (Odecabe) for the quota of the rights to broadcast the matches, the mayor of the capital José Blandón promised to pay money for the execution problem, which consisted of a payment of $ 500 thousand for 2018 and one million for 2019. "Blandón said in turn:" soft loans will be requested from friendly governments and the funds are estimated at $ 200 million, including the organization of games, the construction of athletic stadiums, two multifunctional gyms and the preparation of athletes. " The director of Pandeportes, Mario Perez, promised to receive $ 1,110,000 for 2018 and $ 13 million for 2018, destined for & # 39; working and to prepare athletes & # 39 ;.



Panama must break its historic medal record during its 2022 meeting
Panama is preparing to organize the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games in 2022 and will face the challenge of matching or surpassing the 66 medals that occurred at the first time this sporting event took place in 1938. At that time it won 24 of gold, 22 silver and 20 bronze. In the recent competitions, Barranquilla (Colombia) 2018, won the channel delegation with 13 presidents: 3 gold, 5 silver and 5 bronze and surpasses the 7 (1 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze) of the 2010 edition, in Veracruz, Mexico . In Barranquilla, Panama was ranked as 11 of the 30 participating countries. Mexico won these matches, with 341 medals (132 gold, 118 silver and 91 bronze).

The organizing committee of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games 2022 of Panama prior to the conclusion of the Games of Barranquilla 2018, in Colombia, on August 3, "informed" the international press about the sports fair that will organize the country in four years.
In the group, led by Camilo Amado, chairman of the Olympic Committee of Panama (COP), the emphasis was on the promotion of the land, the state of works that will be used in 2022, as well as those that will be built to to accommodate a few matches. .

"We are starting this process, we hope to present a scenario that everyone who accompanies us in the city of Panama likes," said the mayor of the capital and part of the organizing group, José I. Blandón. "In the field of land, some are in the possession of the mayor, there are many of these and parks like in the area of ​​Cárdenas, where there is a quarry already planned for this purpose.In Gamboa there are also other locations that can be used, "said Blandón in a previous interview. According to Camilo Amado, president of the COP, this year, "the organizing committee is busy planning, as adopting architectural studies, the development of plans needed to do the work." These years are a lot of study and paper, because we do not want to start working, knowing that there will be a change of government in 2019, and in that year we have time to do works that we know can take about 18 to 24 months to build. "

The government reconstructs the stadium Juan Demóstenes Arosemena for 2019, as the jewel for these games.


Barranquilla 2018 left the bar very high for the Games in Panama
The past XXIII Central American and Caribbean sports competitions in Colombia, with headquarters in Barranquilla and in Bogota and Cali, cost more than 165 million dollars (500 billion pesos, of which more than 72 percent were contributed by the mayor's office) from Barranquilla). This sporting event consisted of 13 stages, of which 12 were completely new. Public access to the games was free, but in some facilities the ticket was charged, but the price varied between $ 2 and $ 7.

According to several Colombian media, the economic benefits have contributed to about 1,700,000 inhabitants, the population of Barranquilla. The investment restored the sports facilities of this city which in the past was the cradle of Colombian sport. In the same way, the public areas were hit, cleaning channels and improving sidewalks. Street vendors were also offered stalls and a sports village was built. After the meeting, the city council hopes that it will organize the Pan-American Games 2027, the most important in the region after the Olympic Games. That will be defined in 2021.

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