With nine players, America draws against Pumas

Pumas did not have the heart to win a match he had in the bag, with an advantage on the scoreboard and two more men on the field for the deportation of Bruno Valdez and Roger Martinez, and was left to draw on 2 for an America that made a will and sporting shame.

The Universitarios still did not finish on the field when they were on the scoreboard thanks to a header from Felipe Mora on minute 1.

At the age of 32, however, Oribe Peralta tied the game in a one-category game. America had leveled the actions, but at 38 Roger Martinez went to the locker room by a little push on Alejandro Arribas.

In the complement Pumas little by little claimed his numerical superiority, especially since the deportation of Bruno Valdez at 68 for a hard offense on Pablo Barrera.

In this way, the 72 Carlos González again gave him the advantage by closing a center from the right which Marchesín defeated; 2-1 for the Pedregal that seemed definite.

Instead of attacking a wounded squad, Pumas withdrew, the Eagles continued and in the collection of a free lap Ibargüen, Henry Martin picked up a dry ball that was nested in the goal of Alfredo Saldivar for 2-2 final when the extension was played (90 + 1). Simply draw what both teams did in the last third of the game.

It regretted

The exit by an injury from Alejandro Arribas, who dislocated his elbow when he fell to the court after jumping for a divided ball. The Spanish player had just suffered a final injury against Cruz Azul.

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