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On August 21, 2018 (the 4th), China Smart City International Expo (hereinafter "Zhibo Fair") was opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, this year the Zhibo Fair was organized by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Urban and Small Town. Reform and Development Center and the Shenzhen Municipal People & # 39; s Government. Co-sponsored by Ping An, China Ping An started from the concept of "wisdom, intelligence and intelligence" and relied on the four core technologies of intelligent cognition, artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud computing to systematically announce the first national show. 1 + N "smart city platform system and solutions, using a set of" Smart City Cloud "platform, in which Ping An & # 39; s leading global innovation technology is integrated, and effectively supports N smart urban sectors, including smart government , civil affairs, finance, security, transport, ports, education, medical care, real estate, environmental protection, pensions etc. Make use of technology to make new smart cities possible.

Ma Mingzhe, chairman and CEO of Ping An Group, attended the opening ceremony of the Zhibo Fair and said that the party's 19th National Congress pointed to the direction of development for the construction of a new smart city and increased higher demands. In the development of modern cities, it is necessary to use new technologies and new means to improve the efficiency of urban management and support people's livelihoods and to create a new urban ecology with strong software strength . China Ping An was born in Shenzhen and developed in Shenzhen, it has grown from scratch to small over the past 30 years. Over the past ten years, Ping An has invested more than 50 billion in research and development in innovative technology. number of patent applications is leading in the national financial sector, Ping An will use the collected technology. Advantages and experience to reinforce smart urban constructions.

With the mission to serve the nation, serve the entity and serve the public & # 39 ;, Ping An Smart City & # 39; wisdom, intelligence and intelligence & # 39; as its core concept and has gained experience in the past decades in the field of large financial assets and large medical health. Ping An cooperates intensively in the construction of smart cities and applies innovative technologies in various fields, such as finance, medical care, transport, real estate, government, etc., which serve all aspects of the city and a "safe and secure city". "hatching that specializes in the planning, construction and operation of smart cities.

At the moment Ping An has reached a strategic partnership with the Shenzhen Municipal Government, the Tibet Autonomous Region, Chongqing Municipality and Nanning City and has achieved good social effects in the construction of several smart cities. Reportedly, smart city company Ping An has served more than 200 cities across the country and the established online online service platform can provide more than 2,000 services. In the field of smart transport, it will manage the traffic police of Shenzhen during the test of 1 May of the Dapeng peninsula "reservation pass". Traffic volume in the control area decreased by 27.5% and the traffic warning decreased by 90% In the field of smart medical care the predictive platform for intelligent diseases reached an accuracy of more than 90% in the prediction of the influenza Shenzhen, in the field of smart finance was the direct property of state-owned companies in Nanning. The cost of saving savings reached 129 million yuan.

Reportedly, the event attracted more than 300 cities, including the United States, New York, Manchester and Tokyo, Japan, local government representatives and leading companies in the smart city industry. Ping An has brought "One Library, One Book and One Forum" to the visitors and shows in an extensive and systematic way the innovative explorations, practical cases and benchmarking projects of Ping An in the area of ​​the smart city and shares industry observations and trend insights with the sector. . As one of the largest comprehensive service fairs in China with the largest number of participants and the most influential, the Zhibo Fair has successfully held three sessions in Beijing and Shenyang. In the context of the fortyth anniversary and the opening of this year, the Zhibo Fair will focus this year on the typical cases, advanced technologies and the latest application results of new smart cities in the world under the theme "New Era, New Journey – Digital China, Smart Society ".

"Ping An Special Pavilion" 360-degree presentation of the leading edge of smart cities

Focused on the four key words of "Technology, Ecology, Humanities and Win-Win", Ping An has set up a "Ping An Pavilion" with a total area of ​​2000 square meters in the middle of the exhibition hall, including a central exhibition area and smart government. and transport. 10 business sections such as environmental protection, finance, medical care, poverty reduction, education, urban construction, safety and life, through VR / AR simulation, real-life experience and other scientific and technological means, with real people to explain, interactive and complete presentation of "wisdom, intellectual The core concept of safe and intelligent urban design and the most advanced scenarios for smart urban services and practical effects.

Ping An Smart Transportation Museum, for example, demonstrates roads and vehicles through physical changes and shows urban intelligent traffic management platforms based on technologies such as intelligent detection, big data modeling, AI prediction and cloud computing to coordinate control of people, vehicles, roads and the environment to realise. It helps the government to manage and improve the citizen service experience. According to reports, Ping An Smart Transportation has reached a number of joint ventures with Shenzhen Traffic Police with the Eastern platform for reserving recreational holidays, the traffic accident prevention platform and the 83333333 service hotline platform, including traffic jams, traffic enforcement, accident handling and civilian services. To create a new sense of traffic for the city. Ping An Smart Government, integrates four modules for city planning, collaborative office, analysis and decision-making and a business platform and builds "All-Vision, OA and Government Affairs", and actively builds a "two-two-one-one-one-transparent" smart government system to help places. The government "improves efficiency, improves service, reduces costs, reduces risk and promotes transparency and openness" to help the government extensively improve its intelligence.

"White Paper on the development of safe and smart cities" helps to create a new benchmark for smart cities in China

In the "China Smart City (International) Innovation Forum 2018" of the most important forum of this year's Zhibo Fair, "Professional, Better City – White Paper on Safe and Smart City Development" was released for the first time. This white paper studies the history and development goals of smart cities in China, where the wisdom of wisdom, wisdom, intelligence and intelligence is systematically interpreted from the aspects of top-level design methodology, smart city solutions, standards and evaluation systems. Urban construction development concept. The publication of the White Paper aims to provide a comprehensive, systematic, highly recognized methodology and solutions to help build a "smart" benchmark for smart cities in China that meets the needs of the country, society and livelihoods of people, and, together with partners from the government and industry, promote "the benchmark". The new era "smart city ecological co-construction, allowing the realization of" digital China, a smart society. "

In addition, the "Peace · Academician Lecture Hall", which collects leaders from government and businesses, experts and scientists, and great coffee from industry, is also very interesting. The subforum is an important part of the 269th China Engineering Technology Forum and the 12th China Engineering Management (Smart City) Forum organized by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Shenzhen Municipal People & # 39; s Government. It is jointly owned by China Ping An and the Engineering Management Department of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Undertake the theme New Smart City Top Design – past, present and future of Smart City & # 39 ;, through keynote speeches, round table discussions and other ways to think together, smart ideas for urban development, building standards, tools and methods , etc. To be examined. To provide new thinking and new directions for the development of smart cities in the future. In this forum, Ping An Smart City will also sign strategic cooperation agreements with the China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, the Beijing Science and Technology Research Institute, the Hezhou Municipal People & Government and the Futian District People & # 39; s Government to jointly participate in and promote the "new era". The ecological ecological construction of the city will contribute to the comprehensive construction of a wealthy society.

Ping An said that under the strategic plan of the group to deepen the "finance + technology" and "financially + ecologically" to investigate, the 30-year peace will continue to adhere to the development philosophy of "wisdom, intelligence and intelligence" and will stick to the top design. The forward-looking, open and inclusive expansion and service-oriented sustainability, with the mission "to serve the country, serve the entity, serve the public", benefit from Ping An's financial technology and the implementation of the "1 + N" solution to promote extensively for smart cities. National life is better. In the next 30 years, Ping An will also work with various companies in the smart city of industrial ecology, actively invest in the construction of new smart cities and make an appropriate contribution to the development of the livelihood of the urban population in China.

(Editor: Xu Nannan)

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