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Original title: 70% of the building water to recycle Intelligent site "thirst-quenching"

China Wuye Group Chengdu Yuanda Shopping Plaza project reservoir and sedimentation tank. Deng Chao

Collect rainwater for construction, spray vehicles, spray dust and use the inexhaustible water in the storage tank. When it rains on sunny days, it will save the municipal water resources to a maximum. The site of the thirst lessons is the Chengdu Yuanda Shopping Plaza Project of the Wuye Group from China.

When it comes to rain, engineers often think of the problems of delays in construction and laborious drainage. Upon entering the site of the Chengdu Yuanda Shopping Plaza project of the Wuye Group in China, we can see that there is a circle of drainage around the deep foundation well. The slender pipeline along the side of the canal sprays water spray from time to time and watering the flowers and lawns on the spot. When approaching the building under construction, the water spray that is sprayed from top to bottom does not stop for a moment, effectively checking the construction material and there is no such thing as "gray head".

It is not difficult to put rainwater in the "bag". It is not as easy as to use it. Then came to the underground of the building, the reporter saw that the huge collection bin connected the inlet pipe and the pump to provide a source of water for this construction. Shi Jian, a safety engineer at the Yuanda Shopping Plaza project, introduced the rainwater into the project site and the groundwater in the foundation pit via the water collection basin. After three stages of sedimentation and filtration, the pressure pump was used to transport the water points to the site for spray sites and the vehicle is flushed, "ensuring that the plant is clean and refreshing and that the plant is clean and clean". The project department transformed the characteristics of rainy weather in Sichuan into its own advantages, so that "water comes out of the air", and the water "flows" at the project site, maximizing the saving of municipal water resources. According to extensive statistics, the building water used for recycling and recycling accounts for about 70% of total water consumption in construction.

"As far as material savings are concerned, the project department has used a large number of rotary staircase protection joints, reversible processing rooms and rotating light steel movable board houses, where a large number of" point, line and surface parts "can be reused." The maximum guarantee of savings. "Shi Jian introduced, flow spray dust, noise point layout, bare ground cover, construction waste recycling and other environmental protection measures, making Chengdu Yuanda Shopping Plaza project become fully equipped green Construction fort.

There is not only "green" but also "wisdom". By strongly promoting the "Internet +" integration in building constructions and energy saving, the Chengdu Yuanda Shopping Plaza project & # 39; smart construction & # 39; conceptualized as a concrete action.

For example, to improve the visibility and management efficiency of the site, the project is equipped with a dust monitoring system and a network with the municipal environmental protection agency to control the atmospheric health of the construction site in real time. To help the owner save construction costs and avoid project work, the BIM project department uses it on an extensive scale. Technology is optimized for modeling and combined with VR technology. Technicians wearing VR glasses can improve the work experience in a simulated environment, allowing static design drawings to & # 39; live & # 39; and become dynamic and perceptible. The 3D scene facilitates further optimization of the design. In the field of safety, the project department has also installed a face recognition system that automatically registers the entry and exit time of employees, standardizes the behavior of operators and provides safety supervision without leaving a dead space through electronic safety checkpoints and automatic safety gates for construction elevators. .

According to the data, the Chengdu Yuanda Shopping Plaza project, with the help of various measures, won the title of Class A construction site in Chengdu High-tech Zone for two consecutive quarters and approved the Sichuan Green Demonstration Project with the highest score. It became a model for green construction and smart construction sites in Sichuan.

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