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Original title: Large screen Apple cell phone stimulates demand for multiple scenario's electricity Shared recharge treasure contains 40 billion large market

On September 13, 2018 in Beijing at 1:00 AM, Apple held a new product launch of Apple Autumn Newproduct at the Steve Jobs Theater.

The newly released two iPhone XS series and one iPhone XR have become the focus of the audience. In terms of function, the new product is almost the same as the 2017 iPhone X, but the appearance is clearly different: the conventional 4.7-inch screen is gone, the new iPhone starts immediately from 5.8 inches and the larger screen has 6.1 inch and 6.5 inches. Use everything in full screen.

It is clear that the new version of Apple is still a regular update. The biggest highlight is probably the extension of the battery life and dual-card dual standby. These are the two improvements that users expect the most. However, according to Apple's current situation, battery life is still a small sign, especially as the screen grows and energy consumption will inevitably increase, and the video and audio experience of the big screen will demand power increase. .

With the expansion of features for mobile phones and the improvement of the user experience, the mobile demand of users will also include more life scenarios and the market for shared charging estimates will usher in new growth results.

The new iPhone does not solve the problem of the battery life, sharing the loading treasure is very popular

At the Apple Autumn New Product Launch in 2018, Apple did not pay too much attention to the life cycle problems of the fruit powder. The iPhone XS is half an hour longer than the iPhone X. The iPhone XS Max uses a larger battery and lasts one and a half hours. In practical applications, the consumer experience can not be much improved.

Apple's technology is unquestionable and the endurance dilemma is hard to break. The underlying reason is that the design of a larger screen will be accompanied by more power consumption.

For consumers, large-screen mobile phones can significantly improve the audiovisual gaming experience, making people more dependent on the entertainment features of mobile phones. In April of this year, Aurora Big Data published the report "2018 Q1 Mobile Internet Industry Data Research Report": China Mobile Internet users have an average of 3.9 hours per day on the App and the total number of installed apps per person is 42. At the same time the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology published data on 10 September that revenue from online games reached 111.3 billion yuan, an increase of almost 30%.

People are more likely to use mobile telephones in open-air scenes, such as commuting, partying, shopping and shopping, and the use of smartphones.

With the explosive development of smartphones, the demand for charging is no longer limited to residential and office space, and the sharing economy of shared charging treasures is welcome.

Since 2017, the shared tax credit has quickly become popular and the focus is on public and capital attention. At the moment, the shared charging treasures of different brands have penetrated different scenes, such as restaurants, films, scenic spots, hotels and shopping centers. Although there is still no qualitative leap forward in the endurance of mobile phones, the sharing of loading treasures has become popular and the impact of electricity on the life radius of people has become smaller and smaller.

Larger screens, more scenarios, electricity demand, have a shared charging estimate of 40 billion euros

Nowadays the shared charging treasure has a stable user of a certain scale. Earlier, Alipay officially announced that the first street of the charging treasure program, the number of users has reached 50 million. According to public data, the household users of Alipay are 552 million. In other words, one in eleven Alipay users has a street user.

According to public reports, in March of this year, the total number of users of street electricity broke 60 million nationwide, and the number of small electric users reached 35 million. After one month the number of users of calls and samples was announced, up to about 30 million.

Practitioners believe that the short-board power of smartphones is hard to break under the big screen trend. In the long term, shared loading estimates will always be the products that consumers simply need.

According to the "2017 China Shared Charging Bao Industry Report" issued by iResearch in 2017, the market for shared charging treasure will be almost three times as large as in 2017. The report from the China Business Research Institute also shows that the market size of the shared tax estimate in 2020 will approach 40 billion yuan.

The growth momentum of the market stems from the penetration of shared tax credits in multiple scenarios. After the extensive layout of shopping centers, restaurants and nightlife, the choice for shared charging treasures was gradually transformed into places for public transport such as airports, high-speed trains and subways. Recently, Suzhou City Metro has introduced a street-electric shared charging chat across the board, with 24 stations on Line 1, to meet the charging needs of users during commuting. It is clear that Street Power is also the first shared brand for charging industry treasures to complete the entire metro line.

It can be expected that the trend of mobile phones with a large screen will be continued and that dependence on people from mobile phones will only increase. The shared charging treasure is still in the blue ocean market.

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On September 13, 2018 in Beijing at 1:00 AM, Apple held a new product launch of Apple Autumn Newproduct at the Steve Jobs Theater. The newly released two iPhoneXS series and one iPhoneXR

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