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ICBC and CCB started to recruit campuses in 2019. All banks (including head offices, branches, subsidiaries, subsidiaries, etc.) plan to recruit 10,000 graduates. The qualifications of the school recruitment process and recent graduates have not changed much, there are really important changes. "In recent years, as banks have placed more importance on financial technology and continue to increase their investments, the demand for IT talents is growing.

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CCB's recruitment plan from the head office to the head office directly to the domestic sites and a total of more than 13,000 jobs attracted a great deal of attention.

It is worth noting that in addition to the job advertisements of the head office, including Fujian Branch, Xiamen Branch, Beijing Branch, Shenzhen Branch and Shandong Branch, job advertisements were issued. Among them was the number of recruits in the Fujian branch 520 and the number of employees in the Beijing branch 480.

In addition, the vacancies of Shenzhen get "heavy well-being" – 5 years of staffing, professional training system, "good work, rent me", "promising prospects Non-existent", "do not think" From the list it is difficult to die personally. .. These great benefits for graduates, the attraction is not just a little bit.

In September, campus recruitment was officially opened for recent graduates. For banks, this is another important opportunity to inject fresh blood into the year.

Because of the relatively high degree of market forces, financial institutions also occur more often. Some people have stopped, some are retired and new people are added. For the four major banks of employees and farmers, annual school recruitment is the most important way to supplement new employees. The four major banks each year are tens of thousands of large-scale school travelers who have attracted the attention of many recent graduates.

In addition to hiring professional counterparts in the economy, finance and other recent graduates, in recent years, as the Bank continues to increase investment in financial technology, and vigorously expand business, computer, software engineering, automation, small language and other professional graduation. Life is also a & # 39; show & # 39; become what banks can compete for.

ICBC and CCB recruit tens of thousands of recent graduates

To date, ICBC and CCB have started to recruit campuses in 2019. Each bank (including headquarters, branch, direct agency, subsidiary, etc.) plans to recruit 10,000 graduates. In recent years, the number of people recruited by the four major banks on campus is more than 10,000 each year and the scale is enormous.

According to the example of the construction behavior, the recruitment agencies included yesterday (13 September) the head office, 8 headquarters directly connected to the head office, 37 tier-1 branches and 2 training centers. About 13,000 people.

There are a wide range of jobs recruited by Daxing each year, such as Guan Peisheng, business functions, customer service functions and service representatives. Among them, business jobs usually apply to all types of lines in the middle and the back of the bank.

The business functions recruited by ICBC this year include 19 financial markets, investment banks, special financing, international activities, precious metals, asset management, private banking, internet financing, corporate finance, retail financing, information technology and data mining analysis. positions.

In order to allow more appointments to candidates, banks usually also allow multiple positions to be registered. The abovementioned three types of institutions recruited by CCB may register at the same time, and each type of institution can report two volunteers.

Common requirements for candidates

The qualification requirements of the four major banks are relatively consistent, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Education: 2019 annual graduates with a bachelor's degree or higher. The requirements for the qualifications of the recruitment of the head office are, however, usually higher: for example, CCB requires the head office to recruit only those with a master's degree or higher.

2. English: the graduates of the head office must have higher English language proficiency requirements than other institutions. For example, the graduates recruited by CCB Headquarters and the postgraduate research stations recruited by ICBC Headquarters require: (1) National College English CET6 (with scores of 425 and higher), or TOEIC (TOEIC) 715 points or more for public examinations, 85 points or more for the TOEFL-IBT test, or 6.5 points or more for the IELTS test. (2) English majors have to reach the professional English level 8; if the majors are other foreign languages, they must pass the corresponding language proficiency test for foreign languages.

3. Professional: different functions have different requirements for the profession. Typically, business-related functions will be recruited according to specific functions, such as economy, finance, management, law, science and engineering, etc., Customer service manager and service representative are not limited but will include economic, financial, Statistics, rights and other related majors such as science and technology.

4. Other conditions: If you are skilled in the use of computer office system software, the overall quality is good. During the school you generally have to take the position of student framework and receive scholarships and other relevant honorary titles. Strong learning ability, communication skills and team spirit.

The recruitment process of banks is similar to that of other companies and requires a series of processes such as online registration qualification research, write test interview, physical examination, contract signing, the CV is usually only for a month or so, such as ICBC deadline. On the 28th of the month CCB is closed until 17 October, so graduates who want to register must pay attention! The written test time is usually mid-November and the interview usually starts at the beginning of December.

In addition, large banks of state ownership also carry the social responsibility of financial poverty reduction and each family has a special recruitment plan for poor students.

IT talents become "fragrant"

In fact, the qualifications of the above-mentioned school recruitment process and recent graduates have not changed much and there are really important changes.In recent years, the demand for IT talents has increased because banks have paid more attention to financial technology and have increased their investments.

Although the Agricultural Bank of China did not announce the bank's total recruitment plan for campus 2019, it specifically announced the announcement of campus recruitment for 2019 for the software development center and data center.

Among them, the software research and development job recruits 600 people, for computer, software engineering, electronic engineering, automation, management sciences and engineering, mathematics and other computer-related majors undergraduate (including) graduates, the work content is mainly engaged in the core business of the bank, R & D, testing and technical implementation of internet financing, financial markets, precision marketing, business activities, credit management, risk monitoring, information security, etc., as well as technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, mobile internet, blockchain, etc. Research and financial innovation.

In addition to school recruitment, the two main centers of the Agricultural Bank of China have implemented normal social recruitment to attract talented people and provide a more generous treatment. For example, the social development information provided by the software development center shows that the planning office this year attracted 75 people, including software development, artificial intelligence and big data technology, architectural design, etc., which provided more rewards and rewards. Career development and the most complete welfare benefits (six insurance and two gold).

Under the school recruitment plans of CCB's headquarters, the Ministry of Finance and Technology and the Data Management Department recruited the largest number of people; the eight head offices directly recruited 330 people, of which Shanghai Big Data Wisdom Center and Operational Data Center accounted for 40%.

So far, BOC has not announced the announcement of the recruitment in 2019, but it is expected that the recruitment of IT talents will increase. Chen Siqing, chairman of the Bank of China, said earlier that the bank will take a big step forward in talents in the field of science and technology, and will recruit a group of scientific and technological talents from society.In the next three to five The bank will develop into a digital bank and the share of financial technology talents will be 10%. %.

The recent publication of the "Replacement or release: the impact of artificial intelligence on the labor market in the financial sector" by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) indicates that artificial intelligence is mainly marketing and sales, risk management and control in the front-end value chain of the banking sector influences and reduces. Items in the audits, customer management and services segments. But it also creates new jobs, especially in development, operations and applications that create many jobs.

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