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01 / Hammer new machine nut Pro 2S to get started evaluation

After retrieving the new machine at the end of the conference, I felt deeply that the Nut Pro 2S used the old pot to install the new wine, because the improvement of the software level brought more surprises than the hardware level.

Compared with the price of 1799 yuan for the utility Pro 2 (4G RAM + 32G ROM), the price of the utility Pro 2S (4G RAM + 64G ROM) is only 1798 yuan, but the new wine that the utility Pro 2S this time pour is not just 1 The money is so simple, let's look at the progress of the Nut Pro 2S after a rough start-up experience.

Old pot: I just met Yan who returned. The appearance of the Pro 2S utility is still difficult.

The disappearing golden line, the united style.from

The nut Pro 2S continues with the tough style of the nut series in the design, but the Nut Pro 2S has made many changes in some details. The characteristic gold edge on the side of the Nut Pro 2S was thus removed, making the Pro 2S nut even more uniform.

Design of the golden line has been canceled

Compare the nut Pro 2, the style of the nut Pro 2S is more uniform

According to Lao Luo, the golden line design is used for the thickness of the hull, because the narrow golden wire can make the nut phone visually lighter. But now the Nut Pro 2S is only 7.15 mm thick, so golden lines are not needed to improve the visual effect.

Lightweight and minimalist, hidden design.from

Thanks to the 7.15 mm slim body, the Nut Pro 2S has an excellent grip and is very light in the hand. Corresponding to the thin and light is the minimalistic design, the nut Pro 2S sensor has a hidden design, the front of the front is only visible to the camera.

Top hidden design

On the back, the fingerprint recognition on the back of the Pro 2S nut and LOGO hammer technology are still designed together to form a uniform aesthetic. In addition, the placement of the Nut Pro 2S and Nut Pro 2 cameras is very similar, with the exception of the Pro 2S mast thickness of the nut, which is slightly increased.

Similar type of back design

In terms of design, the Nut Pro 2S inherits the design language of the nut phone. Although the details are changed, the Pro 2S nut does not change much in the overall style, so I call it "Old pot." Although it is an "old pot", but the 6.01-inch low-power OLED screen is equipped with a new process of glare-color body, the Pro 2S nut material is not a slight improvement.

The appearance is still difficult and the materials used are more difficult. The increasingly stable style also means that the product positioning of the nut Pro 2S is clearer and the product design is more mature.

02 / New wine: improve productivity Creative functions help you

Compared to the appearance of the nut Pro 2S, there is not much difference in appearance, it has a lot of changes in the interior, such as the new Snapdragon 710 mobile platform, the improvement of the quality of the photo and the "unlimited screen" and " double "that we never forget. System "these new features, although the new wine is fragrant, this time is very regrettable.Features such as" Unlimited screen "are not updated in the current version, so we have not been able to experience it.In the comprehensive review afterwards, however, we will fill in the comprehensive evaluation of experiences from this section.

Features – unlimited screen.from

The infinite screen is essentially an innovation of interactive mode. In the traditional way of interaction we may have to click and slide to switch content. But on the infinite screen, the Nut Pro 2S creates a multi-interface space format for us, allowing us to move and move up and down to apply and switch tasks.

The concept of an infinite screen looks a bit like 3DVR, you do not have to limit it to a fixed screen. You can move it with your phone to open these stereoscopic apps. In addition, these locations are all customizable and the mobile work of each person can activate different applications, making the "unlimited" of the screen is reached.

Function – "TNT" large screen operating system

For "TNT" everyone still seems to have an expensive workplace, but now the whole system is integrated in the Nut Pro 2S, which means that you can go through different screens, even if you do not have "TNT" Come and experience the features of it. As a new system interaction method, the large-screen "TNT" operating system supports global voice input, full touch control, simple and easy-to-use input method, and practical features such as Windows and Mac OS dual system shortcuts.

Function – bullet SMS

As the black technology of Hammer Technology, the user experience of bullet SMS in communication is very good. On the Nut Pro 2S you can experience the new charm of bullet text messages.

First of all, the first point is the high efficiency of bullet text messages. In our daily chat experience, our steps are to find the contact and click on the contact to chat. But in bullet text it offers a floating ball function. With this function you can directly press the hover ball for voice and then select the contact to send.

The second point is the improvement of the communication experience. In the light of many WeChat friends in WeChat, we often have one or two weird WeChat friends. In the bullet text message, it records the historical avatar of the other party and the first sentence you chat. These two measures allow you to recall the purpose of adding friends for the first time. Must say that this function is still very practical.

The third point is the link with the flash capsule. After you have set the flash capsule to the bullet-type SMS shortcut, your voice can automatically quickly send text to the contact instead of opening the contact separately for speech.

With regard to this function, the Nut Pro 2S also integrates the two functions to find hammer friends and information flows. The first allows the user to open his own position to find a hamster friend to chat, while the latter encloses an information flow in the software for the user to browse.

Hammer technology can be said to pay a lot of attention to the function, and these three functions are not traditional small functions, but have changed the way of interaction. With these functions, users can save a lot of time and improve efficiency. Integrating these functions with Nut Pro 2S can also increase their competitiveness and capture the right market share.

On a deeper level, Lao Luo not only makes mobile phones, it gradually improves the productivity of mobile phones and transforms the traditional way of working. This requires not only hardware support, but also a complete software ecosystem.

03 / New wine: better performance, better photo effect

Take photo & # 39; s: AI scene recognition

Compared to the previous generation, the Nut Pro 2S uses the Sony IMX363 flagship sensor, with a 12 million + 5 million flagship AI camera on the rear, Dual PD dual core focus, aperture is f / 1.8, the imaging effect is very good. Here is a real shot of & # 39; night:

It is worth mentioning that the AI ​​scene recognition of the nut Pro 2S, in the standard AI scene recognition, the photo will have a very strong contrast effect, the tone adjustment is also more biased towards the dark color.

Original image

Enable recognition of AI scenes

After enabling AI scene recognition

We can see the heavy film clearly from the photo, the photo has a strong three-dimensional effect and looks a bit like the Hong Kong style. Because the time to get started is short, the preview is only selected for the night and real photos are updated in the comprehensive evaluation of the Nut Pro 2S.

Performance: the blessing performance of Xiaolong 710 is good

As an upgrade to the generation of God U 骁 660, Snapdragon 710 not only improved performance and power consumption, but also achieved more gains in AI. So how is the power of this Xiaolong 710? Let's test it together.

In the current subproject, the Nut Pro 2S appears to have a special operating mode, and the user can choose whether the performance mode should be used to execute the points.

We chose Anan Rabbit (v7.1.5) and Geekbench (4.1) to perform the score:

From the point of view of performance, the utility Pro 2S running score is still very good, compared to other Snapdragon 710 platform mobile phones on the market, the nut Pro 2S also achieved excellent scores, I believe that in the game also a smoother running effect can to get . The Nut Pro 2S is equipped with the flagship architecture of the Snapdragon 710 mobile platform, which can seize a certain chance on the mid-end machine market and gain the trust of users.

Overall, the hardware of the Nut Pro 2S has not improved compared to the previous generation, whether it concerns design or construction materials, the nut Pro 2S must be more advanced. At the same time, the Nut Pro 2S has also received a wealth of software updates that have completely improved its productivity. The most important is the price of the Nut Pro 2S. At this price, with such powerful hardware and rich functions, the Nut Pro 2S can be considered cost-effective. The old pot is filled with new wine, and it is assumed that the Pro 2S utility that has been deposited by technology will have a broader market.

04 / Hammer & Nut Pro 2S (6GB RAM / Full Netcom) detailed parameters


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