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Original title: from 2999 yuan! Mavericks electric UM released: the most important life of the lightweight battery up to 100 kilometers

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On August 22 Niudian Technology organized a new product launch conference in Shanghai and officially launched two new electric vehicles: Mavericks McLaren Limited Edition / Mavericks UM, Mavericks UM series offers calf white, blue Available in four colors, yellow and orange, and the top version is red and black.

The Mavericks UM has a smaller appearance and uses the classic calf light set. The model supports customized design, focused on lightweight and high performance.

In terms of lightweight, the ultra-light version and the top version of the frame are made of 6061 aviation aluminum T6 material, and the weight is only 39 kg, which makes the handling and operation of the user more convenient.

Moreover, the battery weight is only 39 kg, which is only half the weight of normal electric vehicles on the market. In combination with the NIU INSPIRE driving analysis system, making it easier and more convenient for users to drive.

In terms of safety, the limited edition of the Mavericks McLaren is equipped with an EBS flow recovery system, two front and rear hydraulic disc brakes and safety is indisputable. In addition, Niu Technology has also updated the mobile app, users can view the battery life, mileage and other information from the car via the new app.

In terms of price, UM LITE Youth Edition 2999 yuan, UM CIVIC City Edition price 3599 yuan, UM SPORT power version price 3999 yuan, UM SL ultra-light version price 4999 yuan, UM PRO top version price 6599 yuan. It can be sold in the stores of Tmall and Maverick Line.

In addition, Mavericks Electric also launched an Mpro-based McLaren limited edition. The limited edition of Mavericks McLaren is limited to 299 units around the world, with a price of 9,999 yuan. On 3 September I booked a grab code on his official website.

In terms of appearance, the Mavericks McLaren limited edition is based on the M + series and follows the design of the Mavericks family. The round lamp set and compact housing are very eye-catching.

At the same time, the custom-made auto-matte paint and applique are very aggressive, with full aluminum alloy wheels, the overall look has both the compactness of the electric car and the power of the sports car.

In terms of performance, the Mavericks McLaren Limited Edition uses the M + series of the largest capacity Panasonic battery pack, which has undergone a major upgrade in terms of lightweight and shock-absorbing comfort. It is worth noting that the Mavericks McLaren limited edition uses a standardized treatment and that different parts of the body can be upgraded, which is very useful.

During the press conference Mavericks launched: NIU CARE maintenance service, users can use this fixed maintenance service to make their car more sustainable, and the maintenance service will also be launched on the Mavericks APP, users can receive a smart push. The project went live in September.Go back to Sohu and see more

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