Huawei is & # 39; moving porcelain & # 39; in Australia, what should China do?

Huawei is & # 39; moving porcelain & # 39; in Australia, what should China do?

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Chinese communications equipment manufacturers were excluded from the Australian 5G market. On 23 August, the 5G safety instructions from the Australian government stated that "allowing a supplier who may be subject to foreign governments and is in violation of Australian law to participate in the construction of 5G networks can prevent suppliers from using 5G networks. It is safe to prevent unauthorized unauthorized access or interference. "Although there is no direct name, everyone knows that it refers to Huawei and ZTE, another Chinese manufacturer.

A little control of communication technology knows that the decision of the Australian government is purely a crime for Chinese companies. The 5G architecture is not fundamentally different from 4G. The core network and the access network are separate. 5G technology has a better security mechanism than 3G and 4G in security and privacy protection. In addition, Huawei cooperates with many countries on 5G technology. Even if some countries speculate about the safety of technical equipment, they can solve it completely with technical means. For example, the United Kingdom has set up specialized centers for testing import equipment and software security, Canada and New Zealand have also accepted Huawei technology under their national security framework, even in the United States, which is in a trade war with China, "chooses Huawei. not". . "

Australia's use of Huawei technology has been safe for almost 15 years, but it is a so-called moth on the safer 5G part of the eye. It can be described as the heart of Sima Zhao, apparently taking the opportunity to flatter the boss. However, this level of flattering is not good – thus completely ignoring the facts and transparent legal procedures, shamelessly tearing the series of bilateral agreements signed between China and Australia, completely contrary to the principle of fair competition and non-discrimination in the free trade, and is arbitrary The international image of being arrogant and arrogant can not be said, and ultimately it will only be the result of harming others.

Huawei's exit is unfair to Australian business consumers, giving them the right to choose the most advanced communication technology, but insufficient competition will increase the cost of network construction, and eventually the company will still pay for it. person. At the same time, Huawei, as the main innovator of 5G technology, is limited to the use of 5G technology in Australia, which is equivalent to the fact that it is denied the right to return through its own innovation; 5G is the future of Huawei on the market for operators, so that Huawei can not participate in the Australian 5G construction. It means cutting off the future development path in Australia. As far as the practice of excluding Huawei from the 5G market is concerned, will it cause domino effect in Western countries? Of course not necessary. Huawei is the leader of 5G technology, it is both advanced and cost-effective, each country has a very clear account.

In these years, traveling abroad, the Huawei logo that is unexpectedly found, often makes a sense of anger among the Chinese. Chinese companies break up overseas, and have finally set out their own world in the fierce competition of running and catching up, and rely on technical strength to polish a Chinese business card. 5G, not only 1G more than 4G, it carries the dream of the Chinese world leader in communication technology and its international standards. It is so legally governed, a leading international company that has never received questions about corporate governance, security and the security of its operations in Australia, and it has not been heard honestly. "a. If China currently can not defend the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies, apart from the damage of Huawei's own interests, other Chinese companies interested in international competition will also harm their kind and heart, and worse, there may be more countries come across China's bottom line.

More to say no advantage, focus on slap. Diplomatic rhetoric does not confuse a person's hair,To tackle the bad behavior of riding a bull in the neck, you have to show the real knife.

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