In just two years, the secretaries of the board of directors have changed several times: the new director of the Minsheng Bank has taken up the challenge to meet the challenge – Finance News

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In just two years, the secretary of the board changed several times. Minsheng BankNew Secretary-General Bai Dan takes up the post for several challenges

Source WeChat public number: Investment Times

When Bai Dan took over as secretary to the board, Minsheng Bank struggled with confusion: the frequent changes of managers and the impact of the Anbang system made it difficult and stressful.

"Investment Times" reporter Xue Nanjun

Under the constant intrusion of various storms, it is not easy to be secretary of the board of Minsheng Bank. In just two years, the directors of Minsheng Bank (600016.SH) changed several times.

Interinstitutional Center for Punctuation and Finance and "Investment Times" launched "2018 China & # 39; s listed company secretaries full model report" show that there are 316 directors of the board this year, and the new director secret Bai Dan of Minsheng is one of them.

On 4 April of this year, Minsheng Bank issued a notice to replace the secretary of the board of directors. Former personal secretary Ark resigned from the position of Secretary of the Board and the Joint Company Secretary for personal reasons. Minsheng Bank has appointed Bai Dan, the current chief financial officer of the company, as the company's secretary of the company and its mandate is the same as that of the seventh board of directors. It is worth noting that this is less than a year after the re-election of the board of directors of the bank. On 12 May 2017, Minsheng Bank announced that it had approved the original CBRC Ark as the secretary of the seventh board of Minsheng Bank.

The CV shows that Ark is familiar with the bank credit activities and has extensive experience with risk management. According to the data, the Ark was born in 1970 and is a Ph.D. and economist in economics at the University of Wuhan. He served as deputy general manager (chairman) and general manager of the risk management department of the bank Minsheng Bank Nanjing, head of the credit rating office of Wuhan Branch, head of the Human Resources department of the Beijing Management department (Beijing Branch) and director of the department credit evaluation, Fuzhou. Vice President of the Department, Vice President of Wenzhou Branch (Chairman), President of Hangzhou Branch, Director of the Board of Directors of the headquarters.

His predecessor, Wan Qingyuan, served as secretary to the board of directors for five years. Wan Qingyuan was born in 1965. He holds a master's degree in business administration, was deputy director of the Reporter Department of the Financial Times of the People & # 39; s Bank of China, he was the director of the PR department, assistant director and deputy director of the head office of Minhang Bank and deputy general manager of the corporate culture department of the head office. It is understood that Wan Qingyuan is currently the chairman of the trade union of Minsheng Bank.

The new director, Bai Dan, from the curriculum vitae, is also in accordance with the requirements of the secretary of the Board of Directors and has extensive experience in financial analysis. According to the data, Bai Dan was born in 1963 and obtained a master's degree in business administration from Beijing Jiaotong University, he is now an accountant. Before joining Minsheng Bank, he served asBank of CommunicationsAssistant General Manager, Deputy General Manager and General Manager of the Financial Accounting Department of Dalian Branch.

Bai Dan joined Minsheng Bank in 2000 and was deputy general manager of the planning and finance department at Minsheng Bank. Since January 2002 and December 2008 he has been deputy General Manager, General Manager and General Manager of the financial accounting of Minsheng Bank; Since April 2012 he is financial controller of Minsheng Bank, also vice-chairman of the Bank's Asset and Liability Management Committee and chairman of the financial management committee.

However, when Bai Dan was the Secretary General, the Minsheng Bank struggled with confusion, frequent changes in executives and the impact of the Anbang system, making it difficult and stressful.

As far as the quality of the assets is concerned, Minsheng Bank's unprofitable credit ratio at the end of the first quarter of this year was 1.71%, the fourth highest of 26 listed banks, and the non-performing credit balance of the bank increased from 47.8 billion billion at the end of last year to the end of the first quarter of this year. The quality of the loan did not show signs of a slight improvement of 49.77 billion yuan. Under pressure Bai Dan, who has been in office for just four months, can pass the test and will await the market.

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