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Original title: Quartet financial institution surrendered to the Shanghai police case has filed for investigation

In the afternoon of August 25 came the official microblog of the Huangpu branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, "Police People & # 39; s Express Train-Huangpu", with a notice that on August 21 the legal representative of Shanghai Kwaike Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. the Huangpu Public Security Bureau was handed over to surrender. It confesses that it has illegally absorbed government deposits through an online online platform with high interest rates. On the same day, the Huangpu Public Security Bureau started investigating the case and took criminal enforcement action against six people, including legal representative Guo and senior executive Chen. The public security organs conduct full investigations to maximize the loss of investors and to force the platform debtors to meet their payment obligations.

According to information from the company's official website, the company's cumulative transaction volume as of July 31, 2018 was 15.5 billion, the historical transaction was 4.09 million, the outstanding balance was more than 3.8 billion yuan, the overdue amount was 320 million. yuan and the cumulated compensation amount 5.8. 100 million yuan.

Shanghai police reported that investors from all over the world needed to bring a copy of their identity card, a copy of the contract and the investment, transfer tickets and other information to the local public security or police station of the local residence or the local police station to report the case and cooperate with the public security services. Obtaining evidence and claims in accordance with the law and not participating in various illegal collecting activities.

According to Tianyue information, Shanghai Kwaike Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ku Ke Finance") was established in April 2014. The legal representative is GUO ZHENZHOU, and the registered capital is 100 million, which is limited by Kwaker Financial Group (Hong Kong). The 100% subsidiary of the company, Kwok Investment Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., is fully owned.

According to public information, the founder of Quaker Finance is Guo Zhenzhou, who has served in Bank of America, American International Group and JP Morgan China. He is good at risk management. Before the establishment of Quaker Finance, he was the most important wind operator in the domestic large-scale asset management institutions.

On 22 August, Quaker Finance's independent online credit brokerage service issued the "Consultation Supervision Investigation Announcement" stating that the company would work with regulatory authorities to conduct compliance checks, and the company will suspend the new inspection during the inspection period. Trade and debt transfer.

According to the communication, the compliance study took about a month. "Together with the investigation period, all borrower repayments were still paid by Hengfeng Bank and then normal transactions resumed after the investigation ended, and according to public information, Quaker Finance has made four loans.

In August 2014 Kwaike Finance stated that it had obtained millions of dollars in financing from Serie A and that the main investor was Gobi Investment.

In July 2015, Kwaker Finance announced the completion of a financing round of 200 million B, the investment being the Hong Kong Global Credit Group.

In July 2017, Dianrong.com announced that it will take over the quarantine credit workshops and related sales outlets and teams from Kwaker Finance to further strengthen its business capabilities in the areas of lending, credit rating and capital production. The acquisition is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2017.

In April 2018, the company announced that its shareholders had decided to increase the capital of the company by 300 million yuan in the first half of 2018 to help the platform enrich its working capital and strive to reach submission applications as quickly as possible. . However, the investor was not disclosed.

So, what is the relationship between citing finances and point financing? Dianrong.com told the interface news that Dianrong.com and Kwaike Finance are two independently operating companies and have no relationship with equity. Sinolending Ltd, the parent company of Dianrong.com, announced on 13 July 2017 that it will take over the "Ku Ke Credit Factory", a subsidiary of the Quaker Group that is connected and managed by the borrower. In the course of the transaction, the actual transaction did not take place because the agreed terms and conditions had not been met. The credit plant is still owned by the Quaker Group and no staff, companies, etc. are transferred to the group affiliated with Dianrong.com. The relevant situation was reported to the regulatory authorities in May.

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