Rookie Hangzhou is testing online water to buy medicines up to 1 hour to send medicines to the door – e-commerce – B2C / B2B

On 20 August, rookie and Ali Health jointly announced that they would take the lead in online shopping for 24 hours in Hangzhou for 30 minutes to deliver the medicine to the door, not to fight at night and to an hour to deliver. The rookie that covers the entire city of Hangzhou is ready to be sent and Hangzhou will be the first city in the city to offer drug delivery services for all weather conditions.

It is understood that in order to solve the problem of difficult to buy drugs, medicines and other problems, Ali Health and Hangzhou joined more than 100 line pharmacies forces, under the support of the rookie point that I arrived, the first times to open a 24-hour delivery of drugs, the public only need to open the phone Taobao, find the keyword "emergency medication", drug name or related symptoms, you can enjoy the "30 minutes delivery during the day , 1 hour & # 39; overnight delivery service, "and promised to pay time-out".

(Figure: rookie along with Ali Health Hangzhou 24-hour card for drug delivery)

It is worth noting that this drug delivery service at the lowest level is not only covered by the core city of Hangzhou, but also the promised delivery time is not the delivery time of the rider, but the purchase of consumer drugs online, starting in the industry . At this moment, the fastest record for single-dose administration of medicines is 10 minutes, a box of wound bit stickers, which solves the urgent need.

In order to guarantee the overnight transport capacity, I also trained more than a thousand high-quality drivers in nearly 40 24-hour pharmacies around the pharmacy to provide Hangzhou residents & # 39; s overnight with uninterrupted medicines.

This is also the same as the New Year's Eve of the last week, after the rookie announced the launch of the delivery of the jewelry and flower industry of delivery at minute level, the rookie new logistics service has been upgraded again.

For the people of Hangzhou, whether they buy Chow Tai Fook's ring, love for love flowers, clothes from Mark Huafei, or Ali's health-related pharmacy drugs, they can go to the Tmall flagship store or Taobao's mobile phone . I reached the driver within a few minutes.

According to reports, the rookie at minute level will include more cities from 247 cities in 30 provinces, from fresh, beauty, mothers and children, fast moving, clothing, jewelry, flowers, medicines, etc. to more areas to create new stores. 3 km of new logistic ideal life circle.

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