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Original title: Samsung Note 9 gold customized version released Price can be redeemed for Tesla Model 3

Not so long ago, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was officially released in China and will soon be launched on the 31st. From the official price that Samsung has announced, Note 9 is a very expensive machine, even compared to the flagship product, priced at 7,000 yuan. Because it is a commodity, it seems natural that there will be a corresponding buyer for every price. As a result, the luxury mobile phone brand Caviar has launched a gold custom hardcover version of Galaxy Note 9: Galaxy Note 9 Fine Gold Edition.

The difference between the Galaxy Note 9 Fine Gold Edition version and the original version is mainly in the scale. Caviar disassembles the standard version of the glass plate and then replaces it with a modified one kilogram panel. It seems that even the volume button and the on / off button will be replaced with gold. instead.

According to the prices of the Russian luxury mobile phone manufacturer, the Galaxy Note 9 Fine Gold Edition has a price of 3.87 million rubles, or about RMB 392,600. If you want a version with a higher storage capacity, you must of course add another 20,000 rubles (RMB 2030). However, there seems to be a small error on the official website, with 256GB as the highest storage option, while Note 9 has a maximum storage capacity of 512 GB.

Moving on to a gold case, besides being more expensive, seems to mean that Note 9 loses its function, namely wireless charging, because the metal case will protect the electromagnetic waves for wireless charging. For the average user I think this is a very regrettable thing, but for the buyers who are willing to spend 420,000 yuan to buy this machine, maybe not so worried, because they can spend another year The same price to get a to buy a new golden phone.

For the price of 420,000 yuan it is equivalent to buy 60 original Galaxy Note 9, buy the most expensive Huawei Mate RS smartphone in China and buy 30 sets, and another expensive domestic mobile phone OPPO Find X For the Lamborghini version you can buy 42 buy units. For the millet that sells cheap red rice phones, you can buy 765 sets of red rice 6A for 549 yuan.

Apart from the smartphone, it was reported that Tesla had confirmed two days ago that it would build a factory in China. At that time, the Tesla Model 3 model was less than 300,000 yuan. If this is the case, the Galaxy Note 9 Fine Gold Edition will be replaced. This car still has more money. Of course buying Mercedes-Benz GLA or Audi A4L at this price in China is not a big problem.

Besides the Galaxy Note 9 Gold Custom Hardcover Edition, Caviar also sells a "cheaper" black Onyx edition, which sells for 239,000 rubles, or about $ 29,730. This version uses agate and gilded design and does not look so sticky in the gold version. Go back to Sohu and see more

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