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The new model of e-commerce for used cars is frequent: sales errors, data fraud, false propaganda

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In mid-August of this year, the external data agency Ai Media Consulting brought the & # 39; China second-hand platform for the electronic e-commerce monitoring platform for the first half of 2018 & # 39; that the transaction volume for the domestic car market in the first two months of 2017 amounted to 1,171,500 units, to 198,24 in the same period of 2018. The growth of 10,000 vehicles increased by 15.8% year on year and is expected to increase domestic second-hand volume for cars in 2018 continues to rise.

In the e-commerce platform for used cars, the above report shows that the second-hand car-e-commerce industry is developing rapidly: the market share of the car is 46.7% and scores first in the C2C sector for auto-e-commerce, before the 38.9% of the used car. .

Multi-channel high-frequency advertising, the halo effect of celebrity statements and the catchy slogan all make the second-hand e-commerce platform available to everyone, such as car & # 39; s and melons. However, the Legal Daily reporters found that these e-commerce platforms often showed news such as the sale of defective vehicles, data fraud, slogans and actual operations, making the new model of e-commerce for used cars often was used.

Sales fraud from platform cars

"The behavior that harms the interests of users, irrespective of the rank of the post, will be dismissed immediately after verification."

At the beginning of December 2016, all passenger cars received an e-mail from CEO Li Jian. This internal letter is meant for the previous Chongqing owner, Mr. Lei, which states that he has found a car with an accident on the Renren platform. After the media reported, the full refund of the car and the compensation for the corresponding losses of Mr. Lei.

"A vow to follow the rules of life, to always be afraid of the trust and confidence of the users, and to insist that users can" buy trusted used cars. " The official statement from Renren said. However, the "249 professional tests" claimed by the e-commerce platform have not yet improved.

In May 2018, Mr. Zhou, a buyer from Hebei, in combination with customer service staff, in total RMB 114,500 on a Renren platform to buy a car and pay a service fee of 4,580 yuan for the platform sales employees. The inspection certificate of the vehicle platform for this vehicle shows "no bubble accident".

After returning to his hometown, Mr. Zhou drove the car to the 4S store for re-inspection, but was told that the windshield of the car might have been replaced and the double airbag on the front might also explode. Then Mr. Zhou went to the local "People & # 39; s Car" for further after-sales inspection and was told that there might be water in the vehicle.

Mr. Zhou, who did not feel comfortable, trusted Hebei Chetong Motor Vehicle Appraisal and Evaluation Co., Ltd. to carry out the identification of the accident vehicle and the blister truck. The "Car Identification Evaluation Report" obtained reported that the vehicle had been crashed and repaired; The flooding height is above the floor of the bodywork and the water in the cabin is flooded. The height of the overflow is above the surface of the seat cushion in the cabin. At the bottom of the instrument panel it belongs to the secondary flooding level.

Mr. Zhou could not accept the result of buying a blister car and a car, entrusted a lawyer to negotiate with the platform of the car and asked for a refund of three according to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act on the fraudulent behavior of goods or services offered by the operator.

In this connection, the person in charge of the Renren Vehicle Platform has said that he is willing to provide the service to bring the car back and to bear the costs incurred by the MR. Zhou has made the purchase of the car, but he does not agree with the requirement to return one.

Mr. Zhou entrusted a lawyer to believe that the so-called 249 tests on the Renren platform did not work and incorrectly identified the "bubble car" as a "waterless bubble accident". Therefore, the platform was suspected of being "misleading consumers with false or misleading propaganda methods". "Illegal behavior."

After unsuccessful coordination with the Renren platform, Mr. Zhou filed a request for administrative punishment with the Chaoyang Branch of the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce, and said he will decide whether to file a civil action, depending on the situation.

The car-based platform used on the internet in recent years is considered a heavy blow to the unregulated second-hand car market dominated by car dealers. However, the internet used car platform also has many irregularities.

Some media have dealt with cases concerning the use of consumer rights defenders for end-of-life car e-commerce that have been concluded by national courts since 2016, and found that most of the prosecutions "hide the real car conditions". Accordingly, the data released by Ai Media Consulting show that most used car buyers are the first to buy a car, and their perception of the vehicle is limited, making it difficult to distinguish the car.

In July this year, an editor of media cars edited the service of various e-commerce platforms for used cars in the name of selling used cars. The subsequent article indicated that the professional level of employees and appraisers of the customer service was uneven, which led to second-hand sales on the platform. The actual situation of the car was questioned and even to compete for resources and to earn costs, the publication of false vehicle information was published.

The above article stated thatExcellent letterThe valuer of the used car files and photos at any time during the inspection process, and uses the instrument to detect whether the paint surface and the sheet metal have collision restoration. However, the evaluation report shows that the structural parts of the vehicle have collision deformation repair and it is advisable that the vehicle is above water. The authors argued that the conclusion of this assessment is not consistent with the facts. The appraisers of the Renren do not wear overalls and no video equipment, but after the evaluation they have indicated to the author that the platform can pay the first payment.

In the light of testing, the attitude of second-hand e-commerce platforms and appraisers is not the same. The purpose of the platform is to eliminate the car from the accident by testing and establishing the credibility of the platform while a certain amount is charged; some test reviewers often automatically lower the test standard to obtain the commission through successful transactions, which ultimately leads to the car. Constantly flowing to the consumer.

Service costs are criticized on a large scale

"There is no intermediary to make the difference, the seller sells more, the buyer spends less." The slogan of the used car is known. But the slogan is also confusing: how do you earn money without making a difference platform?

In fact, the traditional profit of the car market is based on earning the difference, while used car e-commerce engages in aftermarket services such as car financing and insurance. At this stage, second-hand e-commerce companies must also count on transaction costs to maintain their livelihoods.

If the used car from the melon seeds is taken as an example, the platform charges a service surcharge of 4% of the car price, and the buyer can benefit from the relevant guarantee and re-examination before the transfer. The platform also specifies the minimum consumption of service costs.

Recently, some media have questioned the "sale-sale" service of the used car of the melon seeds. This type of number is called the C2C mode that optimizes the customer experience and can focus on the car. In fact, the platform collects the car with the individual and it deserves high service costs. The intermediaries buy and sell vehicles on the platform.

According to the above report, the Melon subnet "guaranteed sale" car should receive 2% service charge from the seller's car price, 4% service charge from the buyer, 700 yuan transfer fee and GPS installation costs of around 1,000 yuan; "sold" car on the shelf within 7 days The transaction must be through the melon subnet to provide a loan, but also to pay 2% of the loan, the loan for 3 years to the equivalent of 3% of receive the financial discount, not yet compulsory purchase insurance, which amounts to at least 10% profit.

Some lawyers analyzed that in this behavior with "guaranteed sales" the buyers and sellers do not negotiate directly on the price, but each contract with the melon subnet, and the contract of the other party can not see, the middle is opaque, the melon -subnet receives multiple fees from both parties and Profit, some of these costs are not for consumers to choose. That is why the specific dedication of melon seeds in advertising deviates from the actual performance.

The reporter noted that the reason why the used car of the melon seeds always claimed that "there is no intermediary to make the difference", its position is "only the information publishing platform", and its practice is the direct transaction between the seller and the buyer is. However, in the relevant cases, the seeds were designated by the court as "qualified intermediary companies, which are contractual intermediaries".

In a case heard by the People's Court of Wuqing, Tianjin, plaintiff Wang wanted to buy a car from another location via the e-commerce platform. The staff of the used car of the melon seeds would be guaranteed to move to other provinces and cities. When Wang pays the service costs and the down payment, the vehicle can not be transferred to another province to handle the transfer procedure. Wang paid the deposit to the seller, but the melon refused to refund the service costs paid by the buyer.

The court ruled that the defendant Guazi Company is a qualified broker, a service provider in the field of contract agents, and that, for policy reasons, the service vehicles purchased and sold can not be transferred to Henan province, as a result of which the sales contract for vehicles was not executed and the contract for the sale of used cars was not determined. Can not be realized, the melon sub-business on the basis of the second-hand car sales contract income revenue service costs, according to the provisions of contract law can not require payment, so the service fee must be repaid.

Some buyers have also reported that they often buy used cars on the seeds, which is no different than the traditional used car market. The media questionnaire showed that in addition to the platform to sell their own cars, the melon subnetworkers also sold some high-quality second-hand car sources directly to the second-hand car dealers, and some second-hand car dealers also sell vehicles via the melon subnet. .

This problem of melon seeds has been criticized in the industry: car dealers can buy vehicles from the platform and sell them to individual consumers, so it can not be said that there is no intermediary on the platform. In response, the melon reacted that the trailer sales of the car dealer were resisted by the platform, and the company has rigorously checked and severely punished. This situation is a phased problem in the development of the industry.

It is reported that in April this year, the Fengtai Branch of the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce said that "the seller sold up to 20%" and "not knowing clearly, did not understand", and punished the car of the parent company, many old motor vehicle brokers (Beijing) Co., Ltd. 300,000 yuan.

Brush single split is suspected of false propaganda

In November 2017, the traders' words were misleading and misleading because of the belief that melon seeds used cars for their "leading position", "national market leader" and "more than a million people browsing daily" in the ads of large promote online platforms. In the course of the competition, the car was used by the car to bring the car to court, demanding that the car used to stop unfair competition, apologize and compensate the economic loss of 100 million yuan.

The industry believes that the reason why the melon seeds are leading the & # 39; leading ahead & # 39; and & # 39; national leading & # 39; stated, "more than one million people browsed every day", is to show market share and transaction data, so as to attract investors.

Some media reported that in order to achieve a large turnover, some used auto-e-commerce platforms even went against bad intentions and data fraud. Informed people broke the news that the second hand car e-commerce traders on the Hefei market in Anhui province were in a serious condition. The dealers did not currently have a transaction volume, but they continued to receive hundreds of yuan from the success of the car platform. Etc., as well as various text messages that invite evaluations of the services that have just been accompanied by the car.

The insider said that the above phenomenon indicates that the platform is single and that the problem of unpacking is serious. These behaviors are carried out by the vendor of the platform, or change the vehicle information into a successful transaction, to view the car status, or to find two mobile phone numbers as buyers and sellers to fabricate data sheets.

The reason why it is necessary to sweep, dismantle and enlarge the transaction volume is because it is good for platform sales personnel, city executives and platform managers. The sales staff can earn a commission for this and the platform can quickly increase the transaction scale and Investors are at the level of new funding and the platform even encourages such behavior.

In the case of a faulty and large transaction volume, it is difficult to fulfill the responsibility after the service standard and loading project problem, or the responsibility is circumvented by the & # 39; overlord clause & # 39 ;, or the consumer may prosecute the original owner and immediately avoid responsibility … There are all kinds of chaos in the company, the cause lies in the fact that there is no orderly and healthy internet trade market for cars as something new. It is urgently necessary to self-discipline of industry and the supervision of relevant departments.

At present, the refinement system for qualification certification, quality control and the negligence of used e-commerce platforms for cars is not yet fully established. The industry has evoked small, fragmented and chaotic characteristics for the used car market and to discover and improve the associated supervision system as quickly as possible. Establish a system of integrity and integrity that can be controlled and controlled.

"There are too few laws and regulations concerning the use of used cars in our country." In order to improve this situation, we must strengthen the monitoring system. "Relevant government services must play a role and severely punish them." Deputy Secretary-General of the China Consumer Protection Law Research Association Hao Qingfeng said.

Some experts suggest that information technology should be used to increase transparency. It is necessary to improve the system for trade in used cars, to create a national uniform used traceability system for cars, to improve the quality of used cars and to provide consumers with relevant information to avoid consumers and electricity. Information asymmetry between business platforms: it is necessary to penalize the criminal department with regard to the behavior of business advertisements and to encourage companies to comply with their information obligations towards consumers, while fully respecting the consumer's right to knowledge, choice and fair trade rights; Security rights to protect the rights of the consumer. (The original title of this article is "Second-hand e-commerce slogan is difficult to cover industry chaos")

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