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A few days ago, the "Notice on the Prohibition of Hosting Virtual Currencies Recommended Activities" circulated on the Internet became the focus of discussion in the industry. The Communication reported that in order to protect the property rights of the public, to protect the legal currency of the renminbi, to prevent money laundering and to maintain the security and stability of the financial system, according to the National Office for Financial Rehabilitation for Rehabilitation, "Improve the development of virtual currency trading places such as Bitcoin." The provisions in the Notice on Cleanup and Remediation now require that all shopping centers, hotels, hotels, office buildings and other places are not allowed to use any form of virtual currency promotion and publicity.

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The authenticity of this network image has been confirmed by many media. According to, the "Notice on Further Clearing and Renovating Virtual Currency Trading Places such as Bitcoin" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice") mentioned in the article is well documented. The announcement comes from the "March 4" last year, and several places have established a special group for the remediation of internet financial risk. The national internet financial risk special rectification leading group unified leadership and deployment arrangements.

On 7 September last year, some media reported that leaders of different levels in the Chaoyang district of Beijing had organized a special mobilization meeting on clearing and rectifying the virtual trading platforms in the Chaoyang district. According to industrial speculation, the "Notice on Improvement the Hosting of Virtual Coin Recommended Activities" is a continuation of the abovementioned clearance and rectification activities.



Moreover, the person also said that from the present situation it is still the continuation of the complete special rectification work for internet financing, we do not have to be too loud, from the moment of the notification and the blockchain block on 21 August. There is no inevitable connection in the media event time. But everyone must still be careful, do not step on the red line.

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