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Original title: Technology Evening News: China Telecom will promote VoLTE as the standard solution for speech solutions Microsoft will take over Lobe

Foreign news China Telecom will promote VoLTE as the standard voice solution for terminals

On September 14, Lu Liangjun, deputy general manager of China Telecom's marketing department, told the China Telecom Intelligent Terminal Technology Forum to promote China Telecom VoLTE as the standard voice solution for the terminal. The new terminal is expected to be pure VoLTE after the mature commercial period. The voices all apply VoLTE mode.

Reportedly, Telecom VoLTE will be commercialized on the entire network in October of this year. The size of the tests will reach more than 300 cities in 31 provinces, with more than 300,000 trials and nearly 200 terminals. The VoLTE network of China Telecom will be close to the CDMA 1X coverage level, the connection speed will be 98% or more and the sustained delay will be less than 2.8 seconds. Lu Liangjun said that VoLTE will be launched in June 2019. VoLTE network coverage will reach CDMA 1X level. VoLTE users are expected to grow to 30 million. The terminal will use VoLTE by default in voice mode Users can manually switch to 1X. .

Baidu Apollo has announced that it will open a cooperation program for cars for car use by the end of the year

On 14 September, Li Zhenyu, Baidu's vice president and managing director of the intelligent driving business group at the "Baidu Apollo Media Communication Conference" announced that the company will officially open the Apollo road-to-road cooperation program by the end of 2018, Baidu Apollo for the industry is opened. Technology and services.

According to reports, Baidu has planned the development of "autoroute coordination" from 2016. Up to now, Apollo owned various regional scenes such as Beijing, Xiong & # 39; an and Silicon Valley: passenger cars, unmanned minibuses, unmanned logistic vehicles, etc. Vehicle models : sensors for sensor detection along the road, algorithm for roadside detection, sensor fusion algorithm on the side of the vehicle, data compression and communication optimization, hardware and software for V2X terminals, V2X research on security layout and vehicle-to-vehicle development vehicle collaborative full-stack technology; The unmanned Apollo team, test drives for unmanned vehicles on open roads and other scene data collection for Baidu layout for motorway synergy laid the foundation.

Foreign news Uber announces the establishment of an unmanned research center in Toronto with more than $ 150 million

On September 14, Uber announced that it will invest more than $ 150 million in Toronto to support unmanned research. It is clear that this investment plan will include the establishment of a technological research center within 5 years and will support the development of Uber's Advanced Technologies Group.

Uber CEO Dara Kosrosa West said: "We recognize Canada's investment in innovation and recognize the vitality of the Toronto technology ecosystem. We hope to support innovation in this large and diverse region over the coming years." Uber's research in Toronto The center will be the first car office without a driver outside the United States and the eighth technology center outside the United States.

Microsoft takes over Lobe, can do without programming foundation

On September 14, Microsoft announced that it had acquired an "AI Easy Production Company," named Lobe, in San Francisco.

With the simple visual interface of the company, people can easily create smart apps that can be understood, listen to music and recognize handwritten content. Even without a programming base, you can easily get started. Lobe is committed to making in-depth learning easier, easier to understand and easier to access, so that everyone in the non-technical profession can enjoy the development of artificial intelligence. After joining Microsoft, Lobe continues to be an independent service and at the same time benefits from Microsoft's leading AI R & D, global architecture experience and development tools.

The first action of YC in China began: it plans to start localization projects in the second half of 2019.

On September 14th at 12.00, "YCombinator Entrepreneur Incubator" (hereinafter referred to as YC) released its first Weibo, officially registered for the winter camp of the winter in 2019, and finally assumed what people had expected YC to enter China. action.

According to the announcement, it is expected that the localized YC China project will only be launched in the second half of 2019 due to the heavy workload. But at the same time, the team hopes to get Chinese startups to participate in YC projects as quickly as possible. Moreover, YC China believes that it is still in a transitional period, so this company will invest in US dollar funds through YC's existing processes, but will recruit more Chinese start-ups than ever before, and the team will also join the process. Participate. Make the necessary adjustments.

Investments in the hybrid cloud data platform Datrium received $ 60 million in series D financing, Samsung led the investment

On 14 September, the hybrid cloud data platform Datrium announced that it has received USD 60 million in D funding. This funding round was led by Samsung's Catalyst Fund and Icon Ventures, NEA and Lightspeed Venture Partners voted.

Through this round of financing Michael Mullany, former vice president of marketing and products of Icon Ventures at VMware, will join the board of directors of Datrium. The company has not announced its appreciation, but PitchBook estimates that the pre-trade valuation is $ 222 million, and the valuation after trading is $ 282 million. In comparison with the previous financing round, this has increased, but compared to some of its competitors, the financing is quieter.

A total of $ 63 million in Series A financing, and GGV led the investment

On 14 September, the founding company Yellow announced that it had received an investment of US $ 63 million in the financing of Serie A. This round of financing is the largest round of A round financing in the history of Latin America and it is well known that in Latin America investments in technology, especially from American companies, have remained historically low.

Currently, Yellow's bicycle and electric scooter services are only available in Sao Paulo. With this investment, the startup plans to expand to Mexico City, Colombia, Chile and Argentina and add electric bikes to its portfolio of miniature mobile options. The company also plans to use local sources by building a production facility for scooters nearby.Go back to Sohu and see more

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