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Original title: falsification of no less than 950 million false visits

CCTV News: The first case of unfair competition caused by the "cleaning" of video websites in China was held in the Xuhui District People & # 39; s Court in Shanghai. On the 24th, the People & # 39; s Court of the Xuhui District sentenced the case to the first instance and a video website company that was violated got 500,000 yuan.

As a video site, consumers receive a large number of video works. The advertiser pays the video site a corresponding advertising cost based on the number of video visits. In a video website that has been violated, some videos will also be distributed to copyright parties by the video website based on the effective volume on demand. Prosecutor Ma Yuanchao: "These data are data with dependency interests, and if this data is polluted and destroyed, the entire network video ecology will be corrupted, so (the case) the network video data will be curbed in the future. . "

The court found that Lv Moumou, an information technology company in Hangzhou, and other three people on the platform of the video platform from 1 February 2017 to 1 June of the same year created no less than 950 million for a specific video. More false visits. The court ruled that the three defendants in market competition, division of labor and cooperation, carried out jointly through technical means, interfere with the destruction of access data for video websites managed by a company with a video website, in violation of the recognized business ethics, the legitimate rights and harm to the interests of a video home company and consumers, Forming unfair competition.

Wang Limin, president of the intellectual property court of Xuhui Court, Shanghai: "Visiting data for operators of video websites, which have a direct influence on the economic income and can also be analyzed via the system. As an important consideration for the decision-making process, it contains high commercial value, it gives the operators of video websites a competitive advantage: the "brushing" behavior of the defendant disrupts the normal function of the video website, undermines the fair market order of the online video industry, violates the recognized business ethics of honesty and creditworthiness and violates the shortcoming Legal provisions such as competition law. "

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