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Original title: scale for financial improvement climbs the first half of the year of steady growth of Taihe

On the evening of August 17, Taihe Group released the semi-annual report 2018, the performance was good, the main business indicators increased steadily and the financial and debt indicators continued. Improvement, scale of assets continues to grow.

The data from the semi-annual report show that after the promotion of the 100 billion legion last year the total assets of Taihe continued to grow steadily. From the end of 2017, the amount increased from 2,064.20 billion yuan to 235.553 billion yuan, whereas in 2016 this amounted to 123,3365 billion yuan and in 2015 84,782 billion yuan. The operating result amounted to 12.688 billion yuan, an increase of 42.1% year-on-year, net profit amounted to 1.359 billion yuan, an increase of 52.58% year on year; the net profit attributable to owners of the parent company amounted to 983 million yuan, an increase of 22.4% on an annual basis; the non-net profit at home amounted to 1.073 billion yuan. It rose by 55.45% year on year. The steady growth of total assets and key operational indicators means that the overall strength of Taihe has increased significantly and that the ability to resist risk is significantly increased.

In the area of ​​debt indicators, the ratio of the company's assets and liabilities in the first half-year was 85.67%, 2.16 percentage points lower than at the beginning of the year, and the net reporting rate also fell by 102.76 percentage points from the beginning of the year, due to the leverage effect of the company, the continuous improvement of the financial indicators and the debt level. It is becoming increasingly solid.

In the first half of the year, in the face of the ever-increasing financing environment of the real estate sector, Taihe introduced a diversified financing method and asked for the issuance of various types of financing products for a total of 27.65 billion yuan, of which 12 , 55 billion products did not receive a notice of objection from the competent authorities. A total of 15.1 billion yuan of products has been pending by the competent authorities.

It is worth mentioning that the assets involved in these financing products are located in first-and-second-tier hotspot cities, reflecting the regional strategy of Taihe Group's deep-seated first and second tier as well as high-quality product quality and stable operational properties of real estate, and the capital market. Full recognition.

In the first half of this year, Taihe acquired 8 plots of land through acquisition and bidding, and the newly added land area was 1,570,200 square meters. These lands are concentrated in first- and second-rate cities and large economically developed areas, and have strong anti-risk options. And Taihe has already been fully transferred to the stage of mergers and acquisitions and the costs of land acquisition are much lower than those of the open market.

Based on the relevant content of the annual report, the "Taihe +" strategy, which is one of Taiwan's main competitiveness, has significant strategic effects. Thanks to the diversified lay-out of "Taihe +" and the synergistic effect of the real estate sector, many regional projects in Taihe have achieved a warm turnover, with substantial revenue growth and gross profit, with a gross profit margin of 33.24%, which is more in real estate companies. High level. In the second half of the year a number of large projects, including Taihe Xiamen Bay, Guangzhou Yard, Fuzhou Yard and Shenzhen Jinzun House, came on the market one after the other, making the market full of expectations for the continued sales of Taihe Group .

It is worth noting that Taihe continues the "Thousand Talents Program" to realize talent upgrades, to actively introduce and cultivate high-quality, high-quality talents and to optimize the talent echelon. Return to Sohu, see more

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