The semi-annual performance of Evergrande Health increases the focus on Big Health + new layout of the energy vehicle to develop a new growth point – news – Worldwide IC trade starts here –

On August 21, Evergrande Health Group (HK.0708) announced its interim results for 2018. A number of key indicators achieved substantial growth, including 1.76 billion members, an increase of 236% year-on-year, turnover was 1.14 billion, an increase of 180% compared to a year earlier. Net profit was 200 million, an increase of 185% on an annual basis.1

Performance measurement

The industry believes that in recent years the country has thoroughly implemented the "healthy China" strategy and that the major health industry has entered a period of powerful development. Evergrande Health has used Evergrande Health Valley as its first product, quickly seized market opportunities and strengthened the company's performance to achieve substantial growth.

According to Shouming, chairman of Evergrande Health, Evergrande Health Valley is a unique product for health and gifts in the world: it integrates international and domestic excellent hospitals, nursing homes, the community of Kangyang and other sources and creates a new mechanism for members, whether it now elderly or young people. Children can get comprehensive medical services at multiple levels, extremely accurate multidimensional health management and all-round health services in the Health Valley. Depending on the seasons, climate and other circumstances, for example, they can go to the Evergrande Health Valley in the country. . Evergrande Health Valley offers 852 facilities and 867 health management services, which will provide 852 facilities and 867 health management services, making it the world's largest highest quality and health and retirement resort in the country, filling the market gap.

The reporter was informed during the press conference that Evergrande Health has created the Evergrande Health Valley at nine livable sites in Sanya, Haihua, Xi & # 39; an and Zhengzhou to provide healthcare services to members. With the substantial increase in member spending, annual membership spending is expected to reach 5 billion this year. In terms of lay-out, the company plans to deploy seven Evergrande Health Valleys in the second half of this year and to realize more than 100 health valleys in the country over the next five years.


Performance measurement

At the same time, Evergrande Health advocates a green and healthy life and has successfully deployed the new energy car industry, which will become another important growth point for the company in the future. In June of this year Evergrande Health successfully entered the future of the American new energy car company Faraday and last week unveiled the Chinese operation headquarters "Hengda Faraday Future Smart Vehicle (China) Group", which is responsible for future technological research and development of Faraday in China. All production and operations is officially the best technology for the landing of new energy vehicles in the world in China.

The future of Faraday is the world's largest company in the field of new energy vehicles and has led the industry standard into many technical indicators. It has a research team of more than 1,000 people around the world and has obtained more than 380 patents. The first high-end model, the FF 91, has an acceleration time of 2.39 seconds and a maximum sailing range of 700 kilometers, is equipped with more than 30 smart sensors and intelligent 3D laser beam, has unmanned automatic parking, face recognition technology and no sewing advanced technologies such as systems, many technologies and performance indicators are absolutely leading in the world.

According to the 10-year strategic plan of Evergrande Faraday, the company plans to build five R & D and production bases in East China, Western China, South China, North China and Central China.After ten years the annual production capacity will reach 5 million units, FF91, FF81 and other multi-model products. For the global market, which extends across the high-end, mid-end and entry-level, to create an Internet smart travel ecology, fully meet the needs of rapidly growing different markets.

It is noteworthy that Evergrande Health's comprehensive life cycle health service has gained recognition from the market and consumers, and has become a major support for maintaining high growth performance and providing a vivid example for practicing the Healthy China strategy. In the future Faraday will build a new energy vehicle, which is expected to become a catalyst for its new growth spurt and it will also help China to move from a large car country to a car stream.

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