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Original title: The value of 600 million "bitcoin" has been stolen, rare in China! The police have the track of hackers & # 39; hacked into 30,000 threads

According to the China Voice News report. In recent years, virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, have become the focus of the global market with its extremely fast price increase of assets, and security issues have also received a lot of attention. According to reports in foreign media, "hackers" stole cryptocurrency in the first half of 2018 worth 731 million US dollars, equivalent to 4.8 billion yuan. In China, Xi & # 39; s police have recently successfully established a network of hackers & # 39; cracked to steal virtual currency files, with a total amount of 600 million yuan. After the cracking of this case took more than half a year, how was the matter solved? How safe is the virtual currency? Which security problems should you pay attention to when holding virtual currencies?

The amount of money involved in the theft of virtual currency reached 600 million

On 30 March of this year, Xi & # 39; an Public Security Bureau received a report from a man named Zhang, his PC was suspected By being illegally invaded, a large number of virtual currencies were looted from one day to the next and their market value reached 100 million yuan. Zhang Xianli, director of the Fengcheng Road police station of the Xi'an public security bureau said: Because of the huge business this is a computer crisis that has never happened in Shaanxi province.

The case immediately caught the attention of the public security organs. The Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau called the case a publicly-listed oversight case and the Xi & Public Security Bureau immediately set up a task force to fully investigate.

Jia Wei, director of the Anti-Fraud Center of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Xi & # 39; Public Security Bureau, said: We have also borrowed from many domestic and foreign cases. Especially to pursue the flow of this currency. Much of it is outside the country and must be coordinated. There are also materials in foreign languages ​​that require translation studies.

During the investigation, the police discovered that the criminal suspects remotely checked and stole the very secure virtual currency account via the network's "hacking" technology without any action by the victim, and almost none. crimes made the investigation of the case in trouble.

Xi & # 39; Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Bureau police guard Yuan Xiangxiang: He used the proxy technology VPN, each operation has been jumped multiple times in each country to operate. The attack operation is performed on the proxy server, so the first link and even the tenth link of the check are located abroad.

The task force has coordinated communication through various channels and through the flow of virtual currencies the resources involved have been split and transferred on different levels. According to this process, the police have collected more than 30,000 indications for screening, research and analysis. He has traveled to many provinces and cities and his journey has reached more than 20,000 kilometers. After three months of hard work, the Task Force finally won a breakthrough entry and the suspect Zhou Mou emerged.

Wei Yuanxiang, a police officer from the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Xi & # 39; s Public Security Bureau, said: It has long been engaged in tracking down a lot of resources and assistance from many platforms at home and abroad. These are used to transfer money and are used to wash coins and coins. We have all checked it out.

The task force immediately launched a two-monthly work on Zhou and finally closed the remaining two members of the gang, Cui Mou and Zhang Mou, who were active in Beijing and Changchun.

Party Kaijun, deputy director of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of Xi & Public Security Bureau, said: The three suspects are active in different provinces and cities, separated by thousands of kilometers, and are criminal gangs with a high intelligence. To ensure the success of the network receiving operation, the working group held several project meetings and repeatedly tried to arrest the plan. At the beginning of August, the special working party rushed to Hunan, Changchun and Beijing to make arrests.

On August 15 of this year, after a large amount of evidence, the timing of arrest was ripe. With the cooperation of the police in Hunan, Changchun and Beijing, the three arrests of the Shaanxi police also started the arrest operation and all three suspects attacked the French Open. In the face of a large amount of evidence, the defendant confessed the facts of the crime.

Party Kaijun, deputy director of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of Xi'an Public Security Bureau, said: After review, all three suspects were senior hackers, they worked for well-known network technology companies in China and they are repeatedly operating and personal networks penetrated and controlled via the internet. The system obtained income illegally and initially discovered that the amount involved was 600 million yuan. The case is currently being investigated further.

Why is virtual currency not secure?

Virtual currency such as bitcoin is based on a blockchain with a decentralized structure and the user declares the property via a public address and a public key. From a certain point of view, who has the key, the one who has the bitcoin items on the corresponding address. The fraud-proof function in the blockchain means that the bitcoin transaction record can not be tampered with and that the non-key is not lost. This also means that when the key is lost, it is impossible to retrieve the bitcoin by changing the blockchain record.

Wei Yuanxiang, a police officer of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Xi & # 39; Public Security Bureau, said: once your computer has been invaded and controlled by others, things can be taken safely on the computer. is stolen? Bitcoin has a security key: if the key is dozens of digits, the average person can not remember that much. If you want the computer to be stolen, who can decipher this? But there is a problem that this thing is sometimes useful to operate, to facilitate itself, because it is not easy to remember, it will exist on the computer, when your computer has been invaded, this thing is in the hands of others.

How to reduce the risk of theft?

Wei Yuanxiang introduced that the risk of virtual currency theft can be minimized by physically isolating and applying a multiple character scheme.

Wei Yuanxiang said: physical isolation means that the medium in which you store your wallet may be a computer or a hard drive. Do not attempt to connect to the internet, especially computers that work on the internet. It is like a computer that wants to chat, socialize and do some entertainment every day. Do not try to do this. Multi-signing scheme is to have multiple keys for a wallet. For example, if you have four keys, you can place the bitcoin in the wallet to be transferred when two or three keys are allowed at the same time. Go away. Another feature is that if you have multiple keys, you must save them separately. Save these media separately and do not connect to a network. For example, you have three keys, one of which is connected to another computer on the network, the other key can be stored on the mobile hard drive or on another computer, but the two networks are not connected to a network. This is very safe.

Yang Guang reporter: Wen Chao, Shaanxi reporter: Tuo Ziyun

Editor: Zhang Yu

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