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Six platforms of two platforms Shenyang & # 39; s "online + offline" development of cross-border e-commerce

Reporter Jin Xiaoling reports Recently the Council of State approved the establishment of the third series of cross-border e-commerce extensive experimental zones in 22 cities, including Shenyang. The policy is favorable, so many companies have seen new development opportunities. The reporter was informed on August 21 that after the cross-border e-commerce platform of Guangzhou last month, the local cross-border e-commerce brand "Zhen Taotao" was officially launched on August 20.

The development of new forms of trade such as cross-border e-commerce is an important measure to promote the high-quality development of foreign trade. Shenyang City has strongly supported companies in actively exploring ways to increase import and export through cross-border e-commerce. At present, Shenyang has two national e-commerce demonstration bases in Weinan District and Yuhong District, and the e-commerce clusters such as Shenbei Ecommerce Industrial Park have developed well. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 400 companies engaged in cross-border e-commerce import and export activities in Shenyang, and 17 cross-border e-commerce trading platforms under construction and completion. Company data show that the total import and export volume of cross-border e-commerce in Shenyang was 36,482 million yuan last year.

On this basis, Shenyang City actively promoted the construction of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone, copied and promoted the adult practices and policy systems of the first two batches of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones in Guangzhou and Shanghai, and an online integrated service platform and offline. The "two platforms" of the industrial park will build "six systems" for sharing information, financial services, intelligent logistics, e-commerce integrity, statistical monitoring, risk prevention and control and other regulatory services.

According to reports, the newly launched local brand "True Taotao" is one of the online comprehensive service platforms. It is expected that next year the brand will set up a logistical logistics system in the logistics center for transit country storage and a cross-border supply chain system in the Shenyang district of Liaoning Free Trade Zone, the use of O2O stores for experiential entities in various cities in the province. accelerate and build national storage sites for agricultural and sideline products. Logistics system.

In the offline industrial park Shenyang City has reached a cooperation agreement with the Shenyang Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Logistics Basic Project located in the Liaoning Logistics Industrial Park of China Storage. The project is adjacent to the Shenyang Taoxian International Airport, the Shenyang South Station Integrated Hub and the largest station for railway freight collection in Northeast China. After the establishment of Shenyang cross-border e-commerce industrial logistics base, the government and relevant partners will jointly build a cross-border e-commerce customs supervisory warehouse, four import four export eight sorting lines set up, to attract cross-border e-commerce logistics companies to to establish.

At the same time, Shenyang Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau will closely communicate with the Provincial Ministry of Commerce, Shenyang Customs and other relevant departments to promote the construction of the port of Shenyang cross-border e-commerce comprehensive testing area under the county cross-border e-commerce public service platform; We will identify and improve the e-commerce industrial system and ecological system in the special area of ​​customs supervision, accelerate the formulation of relevant support policies, promote investment in leading companies, increase staff training and promote cross-border e-commerce to improve production and life. taking advantage.

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