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Original title: When the man listened to the middleman, he lowered the price by 500,000 and sold the house. Then he discovered that the buyer actually …

Mr. Li van Foshan wants to sell a house under his name and publishes the listing on the internet. He then received an interim visit and claimed that someone wanted to buy a house. Under the guidance of the intermediary, Mr. Li gave the other party a "low selling price" of 1.1 million yuan for the house with a bank valuation of 1.6 million yuan.

After discovering something was wrong, Mr. Li that the original identity of the original buyer was actually a colleague of the broker and refused to perform. The buyer also appealed to the court for breach of contract.

Yesterday, the Shunde Court reporter learned that the dispute about the property transaction between the two parties was assessed. Because the buyer did not disclose his own important information, the seller sold the house at the same time considerably lower than the market price.Therefore, the contract signed by the two parties for the sale of the house was invalid and the seller did not have to pay the compensation.

Routine: Buying a house is a knowledge and the house is sold for a low price?

In October 2016, Li and his wife, Zou, wanted to sell their property in a residential area of ​​Dangui Road, Xingui Neighborhood Committee, Daliang Street, Shunde District, Foshan City and publicly released information on the sale of the house on the online platform. .

In March 2017, Chen, a real estate agent, told a colleague that his cousin was looking for a suitable home because he wanted to buy and marry a house. Liu Molin, who works with the intermediary company, told Chen about the information about the housing transaction that was released by Li on the internet.

On April 10, 2017, broker Liu Molin contacted Li from the seller and went to the outlet of the intermediary for an interview. "I then saw two people, claiming that I was a younger brother, and I wanted to help another brother to sell the house." Li said that when the two sides talked about the price, Liu Molin, as an intermediary, spread false information about the price drop around him, Very low price, signed a "real estate sales contract" with Chen.

According to the agreement, Chen bought Li's property at a price of 1.128 million yuan, paid the first deposit of 20,000 yuan to Li on the date of signing the contract and agreed to pay the remaining down payment later and the final payment to pay by applying for a bank mortgage. And then transferred to the transfer. The delivery time of the house concerned is 20 July 2017. At the same time, the observant party has the right to require the defaulting party to pay the observing party compensation at the daily rate of 1 成交 ​​of the transaction price.

A few days later, Chen paid the remaining down payment to the seller Li. Li quickly realized, however, that his listing price and transaction price in the same period were higher than other houses in the community. So on April 27, 2017, Li de Chen and the intermediary proposed to cancel the "real estate sales contract" mentioned above, but the two parties did not agree. Afterwards Chen told the seller that the office employee, Liu Mougui, was the registered owner after the transfer of the house in question.

Despite doubts, Liu Mougui Li assisted in filing a mortgage application procedure with the bank. However, on July 13, after the bank the & # 39; Lending Letter of Intent & # 39; In the end, Lee finally discovered that "the establishment of the agency" after research. He said that the broker Chen found his own sister to do the job, "pretended the buyer found the owner to buy a house", and therefore refused to execute the contract. The two parties subsequently opted to go to court.

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