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Beauty cards, hospitality cards, washing cards, household cards … Prepaid consumer cards have become a common phenomenon. The prepaid card offers the consumer the benefits, but also involves a risk: when you spend the money on the card, the company is closed and even the money runs.

Recently, many star retailers closed their doors, the management lost contact and members suffered heavy losses. For example, the first smart gym aura around the head, the "Little Bear Run" with millions of registered users, the Fuzhou shared car "Wo Travel" with 200,000 registered users, and the Sanding Home Economics, a leading domestic industrial company. The business model of these companies has one thing in common, that is, the sale of prepaid consumer cards, that is, the spending of hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even more money, can be consumed.

The main domestic companies said that

Sanding Home Economics would primarily provide services through political sellers' cards. Sell ​​cards on cable and offline channels, offline stores, online "come home" online store, mobile client and so on. Although Sanding sold tickets for several years, it suddenly had a strong impact from the second half of last year, especially to double 11, 6.18, the promotion is even stronger.

One consumer told reporters: "Give me a fee of 10,000 yuan, 18 yuan per hour, or you say, count 26,000 yuan per hour, before and after, this customer service has followed a total I have more than 7 months." In the end, the customer refueled 200,000 yuan.

The more you buy, the more you bid. Under the constant confusion of sellers, many people buy cards that go far beyond their own needs. A 106-year-old man actually bought a card of 150,000 yuan, but it did not take long before the old man died. There are still more than 140,000 yuan on the card. Because of the big discount, the price of barns is much lower than the average price of the market, the minimum price is 16 yuan per hour and the average market price is 30 yuan per hour, it is a single one, so the service is getting worse.

On 10 July, Sanding Home Economics Group announced via its official website that its branch activities will be suspended from now on, and the company will enter the "financial liquidation" phase. Only a few days before closure, Sanding employees continued to sell cards to customers.

The reporter saw that there are more than 200 customer data that can not be repaid, which is only a small part.

Among the victims who could not withdraw the card, not only the consumers, but also a lot of Sanding's cleaning staff, the amount is even more amazing. To extend the sales scale of prepaid cards, Sanding Company instructs employees to execute the sales card job Some employees who can not complete the job can only borrow money and borrow money to buy tickets. Ms. Zhang said the company had to sell cards in the second half of last year. The job of each captain is at least 50,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan. If the sale is not complete, the manager will find a way to look at everyone, no matter what method they want. Pad card, make sure you complete the task.

A Sanding clean-up service representative told reporters: "In the year 2017 of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai the transaction volume reached 73.72 million yuan and the offline number 20.57 million yuan, which was nearly 100 million . "

The problem has increased, many employees have never received wages after the Spring Festival, so they resigned. Those who have bought the card to return their own money can only stay in the company until the door is closed.

Why will this leading home company that has been operating for 20 years be ashamed? Experts say the problem lies in the large-scale sale of prepaid cards.

The lack of supervision of funds is the biggest disadvantage

Wu Jingming, a professor at the China University of Political Science and Law, began researching the issue of prepaid consumer cards in 2009, and was the first scholar in China who was involved in this field. He said: "After this money ends up in the company's pocket, its use is actually no one to monitor, and when used by its own funds, it can be said how to use it. get money, there is no Delivering goods or services according to the agreement, it is actually a kind of self-inflation, that is, illegal fundraising. "

Professor Wu believes that the lack of supervision is the biggest drawback of prepaid consumer cards. A former Sanding manager also admitted in an interview with the media that this model allows the company to withdraw money, but in the course of time, combined with the lack of cash flow control, a small error will cause problems cause.

Wu Jingming said: "I have argued for full detention by a third party, but even if we are pre-managed, it is placed on the bank account for pre-management, not everything, according to the rules is proportional. Managed, but a large part of it is still dominated by itself, and it can not be prevented that the money is misused and even fled. "

Where are Sanding's customers and employees to buy the card? Ren Fuqiang, chairman of the domestic committee, but he never answered the phone and SMS and WeChat did not respond.

Shanghai and other places to introduce corresponding regulations

Sanding's household has opened an industrial secret: in theory, every trader can sell his own prepaid consumer cards, but because of a lack of Effective supervision As a result, the user's money can not enter the company's pocket. In 2015, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress conducted an inspection on the implementation of the Consumer Protection Act and issued a warning in the inspection report. There is a certain risk in the use of prepaid cards. Firstly, the number of companies that issue prepaid cards is large, with large amounts of money, individual sellers use their covert financing, fundraising and even fraud, secondly the agreement is unclear and the service is shrinking. Because of the inherent shortage of prepaid consumer cards, it laid the foundation for the day after tomorrow. In recent years, the number of prepaid complaints from consumer cards has continued to rise.

Fan Linggen, executive vice president of the Shanghai Single Use Prepaid Card Association, said: "In 2017 there should be more than 12,000 units, about 6700 companies involved and 2100 companies involved in closing the door. "

The cleaning of Sanding closed the shop at night, leaving thousands of users with no card refunds and employees lagging behind. Similar business models and potential pitfalls are commonplace around us. In response to such problems, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places have introduced local regulations. In the course of the year, Shanghai will also provide a single-use prepaid card service platform & # 39; set up to include relevant staff and companies in this business integrity platform, while companies and people who are unreliable are blacklisted.

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