2021 Snooker Masters is expected to “open”, the number of spectators will not exceed 1,000-Sina.com

  1. 2021 Snooker Masters is expected to “open the door” with no more than 1,000 spectatorsSina
  2. Ding Junhui is concerned that spectators will be able to watch the game. Trump: I welcomeSina
  3. British championships TOP16 for the first time all members promoted to Celtic with 5 strokes to break the 100-tie recordSina
  4. British championships, the Chinese Legion is full of red, Tian Pengfei recovered 6-0 sweeping promotionSina
  5. British championships Ding Junhui broke a hundred 6-1 in a single shot to advance to the second round to fight the dark horseSina
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