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Original title: Are you ready to put your money in the G fat wallet?

[CNMO News]The annual Steam Autumn Special, similar to the gaming industry’s “Double Eleven”, has officially opened. After reassuring my wallet, the editor opened the Steam store in a calm mood. As a result, as soon as I clicked into the Steam store, my mood was already rising again and my wallet was about to move.

Steam Autumn Sale Begins G Fat is about to “grab money” again

When I clicked into the Steam store, I saw the special fall prize “The Sims 4”, which is called the “broken” prize. The original price of 238 yuan “The Sims 4” immediately lowered the price by 88%, now it is priced at 28 yuan! After reading it a number of times, I really determined that this is an 88% discount, not an 8.8% discount. Why not buy this “white prostitute” prize? Buying it equals earning 210 yuan!

In addition to the price of “The Sims 4”, there are also many games with significant discounts, and many games have even set new record prices.

Steam Fall Special

“F1 2020” is reduced by 50%, priced at 81 yuan. “Rainbow Six: Siege” is reduced by 68% for 38 yuan. The price of “Happy Factory” will be reduced by 20% to 79 yuan. “Civilization 6” has a price cut of 75%, priced at 49 yuan. The price of “Alien Explorer” is reduced by 36% to 58 yuan. The price of “Seven Days” will be reduced by 67% to 26 yuan. The price of “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” is reduced by 60% and the price is 123 yuan.

These are only discount information for part of the game. When I look at it, I am already very excited. I dare not look further down, otherwise the wallet will revolt. After reading the news about game discounts on the Steam store, is your wallet going?

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