Catarina Macedo, senior project manager of the Microsoft Xbox team, resigns – Microsoft XBOX

An important member of the Xbox team has now left. Catarina Macedo said goodbye to the Xbox team yesterday, saying her decision was very difficult. Macedo is a senior project manager in Xbox’s research and development department. She recently tweeted a statement about her departure from the Xbox team.


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Macedo said he has full respect for Xbox and is also very happy to perform a series of Xbox-oriented tasks for players and the entire industry, and will miss this work experience greatly in the future.

While Macedo is not responsible for the publicity job at Microsoft, she has also appeared on Xbox Live broadcasts to promote the Xbox Series X’s accessibility features. It also appeared on the live broadcast of last week’s host launch.

Macedo has not provided the reason for leaving, but leaving Xbox is a very difficult decision, as it is very likely that she received an offer elsewhere that is difficult to refuse. Earlier this year, another senior member of Microsoft, Veronica Rogers, switched to PlayStation, but where Macedo is located is not yet clear. She’s an elite of Forbes 30 Under 30 herself, so her position in the industry is sure to continue to rise in the future.

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