China Super League new rules for the maximum salary of 5 million Chinanews local players

League points are deducted if the total expenditure of the club exceeds the norm. Players who fail to declare their earnings as required will be banned for 24 months.
Chinese Super League new rules for local players with a maximum salary of 5 million

On the morning of November 25, the Chinese Football Association held a Chinese Super League working conference in Suzhou. During the meeting, the Chinese Football Association announced to representatives of the Chinese Super League clubs specific rules for the “increased salary limit” for Chinese and foreign players. Among them, the maximum salary of local players is 5 million yuan before tax, and the maximum salary of foreign players is 3 million before tax.

In order to ensure that the salary limit is effective, the Chinese Football Association has put in place scrupulous and strict monitoring measures, along with unprecedented disciplinary action for violations.

Salary standard

The maximum salary of local players is 5 million before tax and the maximum salary of foreign players is 3 million before tax.

The plan shows that each club’s total spending in the 2021 Super League season will not exceed 600 million yuan.

In the new season, the maximum salary of local players in the Chinese Super League clubs has been halved from the previous 10 million yuan (12 million yuan for international football players) to 5 million yuan before tax. The total salary of local players in a single season of the Chinese Super League clubs must not exceed 75 million yuan, and the average annual salary of local players The maximum salary of foreign players in the Chinese Super League is 3 million euros before tax The total foreign aid salary of each Chinese Super League club in one season may not exceed EUR 10 million and the average annual foreign aid salary in one season may not exceed EUR 2 million.

The plan also made it clear that the annual salary of local U21 players should in principle not exceed 300,000 yuan before tax. However, once such players’ total playing time in a single season in the professional league plus the FA Cup reaches more than 900 minutes, their salary may exceed this limit.

Supervision and punishment

League points are deducted if the total spend exceeds the norm

Compared to the salary limit plan, the delegates were most shocked by the introduction of the rules on supervision and punishment. In the eyes of all parties, compared to the introduction of the plan, the question is whether the salary limit can be implemented. In this regard, the Chinese Football Association will not only conduct salary cap policy oversight through one or two well-known accounting firms, but will also introduce a set of unprecedentedly detailed and strict penalties for violations.

According to regulations, if the total spend of a single season in the Super League exceeds the norm, 6 league points will be deducted if the surplus is less than 20%, and 12 points will be deducted if the surplus is between 20% and 40%, and there will be more overruns. The club is facing a severe penalty of up to 24 points.

For the player’s salary for one season that exceeds the norm, the regulations also have corresponding penalties. Specifically, if a club’s total salary expenditure for foreign aid exceeds the limit of 10 million euros in one season, 9 league points will be deducted; if the spending of local players exceeds the limit of 75 million yuan, 9 points are also deducted; The total salary expenditures of Chinese and foreign players are higher than the norm, giving the club a heavy fine of 18 points.

Additionally, if a club pays wages that violate the rules, once verified, the club will be canceled and the club will face the ultimate penalty: downgrade. If a player does not declare his income (income) as required, he will be suspended for 24 months after verification.

The club will not spend money or other fees on players or immediate family members through affiliated companies. In this regard, industry insiders said: “From the perspective of the content of the sanctions, the Chinese Football Association has conducted a lot of research before launching the plan, and at the same time several loopholes in the review of the rules have been closed through professionals.”

Income range

Including wages, securities and real estate are united as pre-tax salary, excluding bonuses

It should be emphasized that the Chinese Football Association stated in the plan that “player income” includes wages, securities, real estate, etc. Does not contain bonuses. Players’ income is aggregated as pre-tax salary; if a player signs a business contract with a third party, it must be recognized by the Chinese Football Association or an authorized institution, otherwise the income will be included in the salary.

It should be noted that if the salary amount involved in a Chinese Super League player’s current contract exceeds the norm, it should be further agreed through an additional agreement. The new contract and additional agreement will be simultaneously reported to the Chinese Football Association for the record and the overpayment will not be included in the club’s total spending limit. In other words, the new salary cap is aimed at players’ newly signed contracts.

related news

The Chinese Super League expansion will be realized as early as the 2022 season

At the Chinese Super League working conference yesterday, as one of the “key issues related to the development of professional leagues”, “expansion of the league” was also the focus of professional clubs at all levels. It is reported that due to different realistic circumstances, the expansion of the Chinese Super League, the Chinese League and the Chinese League B will not be realized within next year and the expansion of the Chinese Super League will take place at the earliest in the 2022 season.

The internal special meeting of the Chinese Football Association Professional League last Thursday in Suzhou also discussed the expansion of the league. According to the situation discussed at the time, some representatives at the meeting expressed specific views on the timetable for military expansion. For example, some representatives suggested increasing the number of super leagues in the Chinese League next season so that the size of the Chinese Super League will increase from the current 16 teams to 18 teams in the 2022 season. As for the China A’s future scaling goals and B after the expansion, they are 20 teams and 32 teams respectively. However, given the current status of domestic professional football, the expansion of the Chinese League must precede the expansion of the Chinese League. As for the specific timetable, it’s likely the 2023 season.

The Chinese Football Association regularly communicates with clubs at all levels on the issue of “league expansion” as this content is not isolated. In fact, the “increased salary limit” work for professional club players promoted by the Chinese Football Association is also related to the “league expansion”. The value and salary standards of domestic professional players are generally raised to a high level, largely due to the excessive scarcity of high-quality players. Therefore, the importance of expanding the league is not only to expand the scale of the league, but also to expand employment opportunities for professional players. .

After the expansion of the low level competitions such as the middle and second level competitions, it will also optimize the competition mechanism for competition talents while creating employment for more young players. Survival of the fittest will also allow more potential young people to emerge, or be recognized by higher-level teams, or enrich the club’s first-line main camp to take the team to the next level.

De-commercialization of the club name will be implemented next year

At the working meeting, the de-commercialization of the club (team) name was discussed again. It is clear that this work should be implemented as required by 2021. The Chinese Football Association will issue detailed rules similar to the “club name specification” and penalized illegal clubs such as canceling registration qualifications.

Regarding the de-commercialization of the names of professional football clubs in China, the Chinese Football Association issued a “Specifications for the names of professional clubs of the Chinese Football Association” at the end of November 2018. The draft opinion also emphasizes that, given the national circumstances and the development status of professional leagues, if the club name or abbreviation was originally non-neutral, but has been used continuously and for a long time by the club, the name is in good standing in the football industry. Those who have formed a club brand or have a general influence in the fan community can apply to the Chinese Football Association for approval by the club within the prescribed time limit, and the name can be identified as a neutral name. However, the clubs applying for such brand recognition must be clubs that participated in League A or League B before the Chinese Super League in 2004 and have participated continuously to this day. At the same time, the club has not changed its local member association.

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