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Han Han, compared to the championship of the car, is expected that the film will not be a loss at all. Han Han will be indefinitely – News News News

Up to now, Han Han has won seven national championships.

As a director, Han Han will pick up his camera to record whenever he wants, in addition to the actor's demonstration in the recording scene.

Han Han said he had no intention of interfering with his daughter's decision.

Before the release of "Flying Life", many people had the impression that Han Han was fat. And "thick" is what Han Han himself said in the interview. "I started with many psychological constructions for everyone, so if you look at it with such a high expectation, you will notice that it is not that thick."

Since the first film in 2014 was directed, Han Han has brought three films in five years, with the first two boxes totaling 1.6 billion. He also completed the turn from a writer to a film director.

There have been some changes over the years. Han Han's weight has grown from 58 kg in infancy to 66 kg, the number of Weibo shows 691, most of which are related to film-related materials, he has grown from being alone to developing his own team and Become a manager. Nine years ago Han Han said that young artists should not be alone, but today he has the ability to build a bigger ship and transport more people into the big river.

Han Han now has his own film company. In addition to the film promotion period, he rarely appeared in public, and the appreciation of his friend was that Han Han became an adult. According to Han Han, these changes are not so much related to the years, but rather that their points of interest have changed. He still watches social news, but he speaks cautiously because he does not want to talk. He never gave up the evaluation of him by the outside world, and even found that it was & # 39; rebellious & # 39; label that was attached to him was a misunderstanding.

Han Han entered the mature world.

1 Keywords Director

The first few investors, the second public, the third

The Beijing News: your first two films have the elements of racing, and the "Flying Life" released on New Year's Day will further deepen the theme of the car. Will it be familiar or more stressful to write a famous life story?

Han Han: The actual operation is relatively difficult, but in China I am the most professional in operating this (racing). The first two have only a small background, I want to try it out. "Flying Life" is a story about the car. For example, the protagonist of "Winning the Waves" is a driver, it is also necessary to switch to a go, chess or swimmer. I am afraid, however, that it is not good to look at the photo. "A chess player and the reconciliation of his father", then you shoot him to participate in the Go game, 50 seconds before the next move, can you still watch the cinema?

The Beijing news: in the facts you often show the actors different actions and you demonstrate a pole dance. Are you the kind of director who loves acting?

Han Han: I did not skip the pole dance before, so I gave the actor a demonstration. I do not think anyone has skipped it. Just fool and demonstrate. After all, it is human instinct to see a steel tube and want to climb up. I love to play, but I do not play well, I hope the actors do not play according to my demonstration.

The Beijing news: every time you choose the eyes of an actor, you are very unique. Are these actors actually yours?

Han Han: That must be so. Nobody else can replace me to choose an actor, because there are many stories in my head, I will close my eyes and show their faces.

I sometimes pick up the actors through the repetition and there are about two or three repetitions in my mind. Then I close my eyes and place the face of the actor in it. If I can not get through my inner edge, even if I can not pass by. The actor's box is no better.

The Beijing News: When you filmed: "There will be no future", there have been many cross-border directors, but there must be a threshold to film. You seem to have completed the cross-border process very easily, but privately. A lot of hard work?

Han Han: I think it's most important to find something that suits you. As long as your character or gene is suitable to do this, it is not lazy, regular efforts can do more with less. The biggest problem for many people is to do things that are not suitable for them, so even if they pay 10,000 times of effort, they will gradually drift away from their goals.

Compared to the effort, it is very important to know yourself. Some of my friends know many people, but they do not know themselves, they do not know if their personality and temperament can be kept under control. If they get out of control and collapse, much effort is in vain. But I know myself better.

Beijing News: how do you recognize that you are suitable for making films?

Han Han: I started learning photography from primary school, it is part of my mind. If you take a lot of films, you will find that this is a fixed process: be director in the fixed process The more you know, the more you know about photography, light, sound and some special effects It is more convenient for all departments to to work. Including writing scripts, you also need to know what can be done and what can not be done. The script must be written within the scope of contemporary technology. If it is impossible to write, it is useless.

Beijing News: Do you usually raise your own film volume or do you study some director techniques as a kind of learning?

Han Han: I do not care if this is the learning process. This is the process of people's personal pastime. I usually watch movies, I often see that the bad movie is turned off and I do not want to watch it again. But when I see a good movie, I can not help but think of two brushes and three brushes. It is not necessary to learn how it is mirrored and how the position is placed. It does not matter, for example from the nearby scene from the nearby area, I have no difference with the perspective, because the drama tension is already there. There are many directors who have discussed it on the spot. The last result we saw was because the whole movie was good, so we looked back and it seemed that everything was fine. For example, if a manuscript is assigned, he will feel that he has written every word and every sentence.

But in essence, as a novice who has just entered the line, he will not learn how to write this manuscript, how to start, how to finish, but to learn how he discovered this subject, how to follow it and his ability to select materials. It is necessary to learn.

The Beijing News: the Lunar New Year competition this year is fierce. In the same period there are films by Ning Hao and Xing Ye. What are your expectations and trust in "Flying Life"?

Han Han: Everyone is a pastor, they are very good filmmakers, I am very happy that I can stand on the same battlefield with them, I just want to save money and save the book.

I think the first is to protect the capital and to explain it to investors. The second is to be worthy of the public, so that everyone thinks this film is really good. Third, I can stand up to myself.

Beijing News: Put your position at the end?

Han Han: I have spent so much money on making such a film, I am already quite worthy of myself. I want to make a comedy about the theme of racing: nobody in the country dares to shoot, because I think the car schedule is not good, and the box office is not good. This whole film is all my private good, I can not bring any other private products into the film.

Beijing News: who of the "motorsport champions" and "box office champions" as driver and film director is more uncomfortable for your personal experience?

Han Han: "The box office champion" has a category, it is very difficult to win the championship during the Spring Festival, it will be very happy to get it. Just like the competition there will be different levels of competition. If it is the best national race champion and box office champion, I definitely choose to be the last one, because I won seven championships in the national top match.

2 Creating keywords

I can not write well in the intrigue of the office.

Beijing News: your three films were written by yourself and guided by yourself. Will the future work with other screen writers? Are you still interested in your own story?

Han Han: I also want to work with other screenwriters if there are good stories. But in fact I feel that I still have many stories that I have not finished yet. Some directors are especially good at making novels of other people, who are on their shoulders to reach a very high altitude. Everyone has a different personality, I still like to photograph myself. Even if the height is slightly lower, my interest and happiness will be much greater.

Beijing News: Are you only good at writing things that you personally have experienced?

Han Han: I can not say that I'm just excel, I can write things that I've never experienced before. Any good writer will be able to write vividly when he writes his own experience. But if you change an unknown field, you can finish it, but you can not fool your heart. This is inevitable.

Beijing News: you are someone who does not like socializing. But you must lead the company now. Is it fun for you to be a leader?

Han Han: Actually I am not very good at management and I do not feel happy. Fortunately, as long as the film company is successful in a part of your work, there will in principle be a coherent force, just like a war, a step forward. If the film and television company does not have a job, light management is good, has no use at all and everyone is well organized and can not shoot it.

The Beijing News: Is there a desire for creation? For example, write a field that you do not know, science fiction or detective subject?

Han Han: I think I can write very well. I have never been a policeman or astronaut, but I believe I can write it well because I have been interested in these things since my youth. I have read similar books and magazines and I can also use some of my own experiences. It is well written. But some of them can not be well written, like the life of a servant, the intrigues of the office, because I did not go to work and did not like it.

3 Change keywords

Just live your life from start to finish

The Beijing News: look at the "Xiao Shuo" you just created. Many people think that you are softer than before. Have you noticed your own changes?

Han Han: I speak slowly. Because I have been coughing for more than a month because of a sore throat, talking fast or loud and can easily cough, I think this is the only reason. If I raise my voice a bit and say the same (Han Han suddenly takes the tone), then you will feel that this person is a bit too much, so this is a kind of appearance.

The Beijing News: many people hope not only to see the director or writer's face in you, but also hope that when you appear you can take advantage of the shortcomings. Can you feel the expectation of the outside world?

Han Han: I do not care, I'm the man who made his debut in the last century. It has long been indifferent to the expectations of the outside world, they think that what I want to do is totally irrelevant to what I should do. I will not live in the planning of my life for others.

Knowing and ignorance are not necessary at all, it is not necessary to have such a person in every age. It is also my own responsibility. If you want to make a movie, the working time of this film is very long. It takes more than a year to prepare for the early phase and edit it later. Writing a comment is not a program or an emotional product. It takes a long time to observe, how the ins and outs of this issue are, even if you can not get first-hand information, the information is not good, and you have to follow this after writing. You have to study how the situation develops. According to some, you can not be polluted. The information comes to judge, this is a very energetic and time-consuming thing. When I was filming on the set, I still cleaned my phone and followed the progress of the incident, which was not responsible for the film work.

So do it well, do it well, do not step on two boats, try not to fall into the other area, after all everything must be responsible. Writing an article is also responsible for the parties to the incident and the readers.

The Beijing News: So for those who say "Han Han is not angry now, he is not the Han Han before", can you accept?

Han Han: I am very angry when I hear this. From the beginning to the end, I lived only a life that I love and love. Sometimes it's sad, she does not care what this person likes, they think you should be.

The Beijing News: The current Han Han is what you expected when you were 17 years old?

Han Han: 17 years old does not have such a long-term life plan. But everyone's ideas are constantly changing. You can not say that you betray yourself because people always make progress. My hobbies, however, are similar to the present and I do not like socializing, playing and playing. Even if I want to play, I do not have any major changes in behavioral patterns.

4 Keywords education

Not intended to determine her life for her daughter

The Beijing news: when Xiaoye grows up one day and says, "Dad, I do not want to go to college," do you want to support her?

Han Han: If she likes a boy after she has grown up, although I used to make a joke that I wanted to examine, if I do not like it, I will interrupt the boy's legs. All jokes, she thinks it's the most important thing. And as long as she likes it and decides to do something, I will support it. If there are things that I think are not suitable, I will advise her, but she will not interfere in her final decision as long as it is not illegal.

Beijing News: Do you think it would be good to read a university in the past, is this still a small shortcoming in life?

Han Han: Of course, when I left high school, I felt helpless. It was really no way. If (Ono) is willing to go to university, or in art, film and design, everything is based on her own interests. I can not decide for her what kind of person she should be, but I can follow her. Interest to cultivate. Let her trust and build up capacities in this area at a young age.

The Beijing news: assume that Ono does not like to study, one day he said to you: "Daddy, why do other children have to recite so many English words, although I did not like English when I was young, but I did not know anything when I there was, if you forced me at that moment, I can also recite a lot of words. "What are you doing?"

Han Han: All interests are based on one point. If your English, mathematics or other subjects exceed a certain level, you are qualified to talk about your interests. If you do not reach this level, you are not qualified to talk about interests. Hobbies and hobbies need to be separated from greed and laziness. Everyone likes to play games and to polish mobile phones in bed, but this is not his interest.

Beijing News: I think your values ​​are very positive. How could you be put on the "rebellious" label when you were young?

Han Han: When I was young, it was no different than the current position. Ask me before the age of 20 and give you the answer.

The Beijing News: So "rebellious" is a misunderstanding for you?

Han Han: I think it's a misunderstanding.

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