National Film Bureau: 2018 Chinese film box office for the first time more than 60 billion yuan domestic film market accounted for more than 60% – Xinhuanet

  1. National Film Bureau: 2018 Chinese film case broke for the first time by 60 billion yuan, the domestic film market represented more than 60%
  2. Official release of data: 2018 domestic cash office accounts for more than 60% of the total cash register 60,976 billion screen number more than 60,000 pieces Mtime Time Network
  3. Chinese film cash register broke through 60 billion "Red Sea Action" won the multi-dimensional news network
  4. China's box office has exceeded 60 billion and word-of-mouth has become a film-winning and strong assistant. Ai Faner · Let the future within reach
  5. In 2018 the Chinese film kiosk broke 60 billion, the most exciting thing is – Movie cnBeta
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