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Original title: News | News that Switch supports third-party games

According to media reports,longSince then, Nintendo Switch has relied on its premium lineup of first-party games to beProductOn mainframemarketUpsale, Such as “Mario”, “The Legend of Zelda” and so onMicrosoft Xbox andSony Compared to the competition between PlayStations, the relative lack of Nintendo games makes it difficult to compare sales of its consoles to the former.

In response, theCompanyIt seems it plans to change its existing game strategy, according to foreign media Nintendo, NintendoPresidentShuntarofurukawa said Nintendo will welcome third-party gamesmanufacturerDo morejobsTo bring more “different” series of game products.

According to reports, current Switch sales have reached 68.3 million units, which will make many third-party game manufacturers willing to launch gamesexchangemachine.

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