Poverty reduction is not the end, and the future will effectively link up with the revitalization of rural areas

On November 23, Guizhou Province announced that the remaining 9 impoverished provinces would withdraw from the impoverished provinces. So far, all 832 impoverished provinces in China have been lifted out of poverty. The Chinese nation’s millennium dream of completely shaking off absolute poverty and achieving a prosperous society in a comprehensive way will soon be realized.

Getting out of poverty is not the end, but the starting point for a new life and a new struggle. The Poverty Reduction Office of the State Council stated that preventing the return of poverty will become the focus of the future, and the fight against poverty and the fight against poverty. rural recoverystrategyHow to connect is also going to be the most importantjobstask.

  500 billion “buy, buy and buy” help fight poverty

development ofindustry, Consumption, poverty alleviation, displacement, ecological compensation … Behind the poverty alleviation of every poor household lies a systematic project, a hard struggle that requires hard work. Since 2013, the total number of poor has decreased by more than 93 million, with an average annual poverty reduction of more than 10 million. Following this year’s efforts, the remaining poor have been lifted out of poverty as planned.

Secretary-General Xi Jinping attended the seminar on the decisive victory over poverty and delivered an important speech on March 6, noting that, following the completion of the poverty reduction task this year, China will meet the poverty reduction goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. United Nations 10 years ahead of schedule. There is nothing in the world. A country can lift so many people out of poverty in such a short time, which is of great significance for China and the world.

Consumption poverty reduction is an important measure to promote poverty reduction, the greatest support for industrial poverty reduction and a powerful measure in the context of the epidemic.According to preliminary statistics, since the beginning of 2019 all sectors of society have directly bought or helped characteristics of poor areasAgriculture productsNearly 500 billion yuan. Among them, it was more than 160 billion yuan in 2019 and more than 330 billion yuan in the first 10 months of this year, which is twice as big as the whole year in 2019.

On November 24, the State Council Information Office held Consumer Poverty Reduction to Help Win the Fight Against Povertypress conference

Guo Lanfeng, deputy secretary general of the National Development and Reform Commission, said thatProductAnd service provision is not only a way to help the poor to increase and lose their incomeAgriculture productsTo sell it is more important to guide the poor to continue “laborThe glorious tradition of ‘getting rich and getting rid of poverty’ is not just to promote production anddeliveryIt is also one of the measures to implement the strategy of expanding domestic demand and forming a new development pattern.

Wulong District of Chongqing City is located in a contiguous poverty-stricken area of ​​Wuling Mountain, home to 13 ethnic groups including Han, Miao, Tujia and Gelao.Lu Hong, Mayor of Wulong DistrictacceptChina Business News reported in an interview that consumption poverty reduction has improved the quality of poverty reduction. More than 3,500 industrial demonstration bases and 5 direct mining and direct supply bases have been built throughout the district. These demonstration bases have built close relationships with more than 80% of the poor. Due to the benefit mechanism in the whole district, the poverty-stricken people in the whole district only through the consumer poverty reduction model, the average household income has increased by more than 5,000 yuan.

This year’s sudden new epidemic of crown pneumonia is rightAgriculture productsSales and circulation have had a major impact. “Via the live broadcast, the salted duck eggs are sold out during this year’s Dragon Boat Festival.”Agriculture productsExpand the market. By meeting the trend of networking, digitization and intelligence, not only is a source of spring water activated for consumption, but crises also create opportunities in opportunities, help farmers increase their incomes and revitalize the countryside.

Live delivery of goods has become a pinnacle of consumer poverty reduction, but there are also uneven products,After sales serviceIssues such as imperfections. How should the level and quality of the supply of agricultural products in poverty-resistant areas be improved in the future?

Tong Zhangshun, director of the Regional Revitalization Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, answered questions from a reporter from China Business News at the press conference of the State Development and Reform Commission on the 24th and said preliminary considerations will begin with the following two aspects: First, to strongly support the expansion of large-scale production in poor areas, Healthy agricultureProduct standardsSystem, perfectStockroomLogistics facilities to improve agricultureMarketCompetitiveness, improvemarketParticipate and realize the survival of the fittest with market resources.The second is to study and adopt some incentive and restrictive measures toMarket playersThe company’s behavioral oversight promotes the continuous development of consumer support in a standardized, orderly and sustainable direction.

  Effective connection with rural revitalization

By the end of this year, China will enter an era without absolute poverty, but the statistical disappearance of the poor does not mean the end of rural poverty.

Deputy of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry UniversityprofessorXing Chengju told China Business News that while China has created a unique and effective development path for poverty alleviation, it does not mean that China’s poverty alleviation work can be done once and for all.

“Our poverty alleviation work will be a staged victory, but the arduous, staged and complex nature of the long-term poverty alleviation work requires that we continue to advance the innovation and development of the poverty alleviation work in the ongoing poverty alleviation practice. Let China’s path to poverty alleviation shine on the international path to poverty alleviation and continue to make new contributions to the global cause of poverty alleviation, “said Xing Chengju.

The fifth plenary session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of Chinanational economy“Recommendations on the Fourteenth Five-Year Social Development Plan and its long-term goals for 2035” proposes to “consolidate and expand the results of poverty alleviation and connect effectively with rural revitalization.”

For details, Liu Yongfu, secretary of the party leader group and director of the State Council’s Poverty Reduction Office, wrote an article to analyze that it is first necessary to think. The herding area still needs to consolidate the results of poverty alleviation as the focus of rural revitalization, ensuring that the poverty-stricken population and the hat-free area do not lag behind in the revitalization of rural areas.

Second, there is a need to converge policies, policies to continue, policies to be adapted and perfected, policies to be phased out and policies to be created and strengthened. A connection to work is also needed: the poverty reduction work beyond 2020 will shift from exceptional measures to normal aid and shift from concentrated efforts to long-term mechanisms.

Lu Hong told the CBN reporter that from the grassroots specific practice, the quality of agricultural products should be controlled from the source and the deep processing of agricultural products should be increased to cultivateBrand,perfectCold chainThe construction of infrastructure, such as logistics, logistics, etc.Industrial developmentA long-term plan to achieve sustainable income growth.

“The key is to rely on the industry.” Du Jianbin told China Business News that industries are in the same vein from poverty alleviation to rural revitalization. Combating consumer poverty is just one entry point. It is necessary to enforce the modernization of industries and the alignment and support of upstream and downstream industries. to improve.Industry chainThe improvement of the land and the formation of a complete industrial system can not only prevent the return to poverty, but also hold the key to increasing the hematopoietic capacity and endogenous motivation of poverty-stricken areas.

Guo Lanfeng said the National Development and Reform Commission is working with relevant parties to study the work ideas and policies for promoting consumption poverty alleviation and improvement during the period of the ’14th Five Year Plan’, further focusing on rural populations with a low income and underdeveloped areas, and focuses on key regions for rural revitalization. Adhere to the market-oriented orientation and promote the formation of a sustainable development model of “government governance, market leadership and social participation”, making it an important measure to consolidate the results of poverty reduction, prevent poverty from returning to poverty, and the overall revitalization of rural areas.

(Source: China Business News)

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