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The first day of fasting on the subway, passengers are still chewing on the Oden – Xinhuanet

The new rules for the Beijing Metro Passenger Code are officially implemented: eating, squatting, playing loud music, etc. or being included in the personal credit history.

The first day of fasting on the subway, passengers are still chewing on Oden

On the 15th, Beijing issued the "Beijing Railway Passenger Code" and the "Implementation Opinions on the Record of Personal Credit Badness in Uncivilized Car Travel Behavior or Rail Transit," which will be implemented from now on. The code clarifies that eating and tying in the metro is prohibited.

At the same time, acts such as evasion, eating and stagnation can be included in personal bad credit registrations.

According to the above documents, it is an uncivilized ride on the metro. If the discouragement is not audible, the metro control unit has the right to refuse the bus service. The traffic law enforcement department can record such bad behavior as personal credit information.


The "fasting" of the metro and other regulations was officially introduced yesterday.

Yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Communications Commission issued a new edition of the "Passenger Code of the Beijing Railway Service" and the "Implementation Advice on Personal Credit Contamination on Uncivilized Rail Conduct Authorization Behavior", and said the above rules were officially in force on May 15 entered.

Earlier, the Municipal Transportation Commission publicly asked for opinions about the & # 39; People & # 39; s Code & # 39; and & # 39; Implementation Opinions & # 39 ;, received widespread public attention and active participation, and fully adopted a number of constructive opinions.

To meet the current needs of the Beijing metro, the Municipal Transportation Commission has adjusted the passenger code accordingly.

On the one hand, it has increased the possibility of not eating in the compartment, simultaneously occupying several seats, placing hanging items, selling products or doing marketing, and folding bikes, automatic balancing machines, different types of scooters in stations and compartments. use; On the one hand, the original payment was revised to supplement the ban on smoking e-cigarettes, to stay in the evacuation passage for a long time, to enjoy the cold, to lie down, to use false forged tickets and the escalation signs such as escalators and passages.

By playing music loudly, bad records are also recorded

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Transportation Commission, to ensure the implementation of the Passenger Code, Beijing has also formulated the "Implementation Advice", which clearly stated evasion, occupation, train feeding, marketing and playing video music. Is included in the record for bad personal information.

Previously, the above draft version of the consultation design mentioned only four types of behavior, such as evasion, seat occupancy, train feeding and marketing, and it was necessary to include personal information about poor credit information. The officially issued regulations have taken over the opinions of the public and incorporated music with loud music into personal bad credit data.

Participate in volunteer work for poor information recovery

It is worth noting that the Beijing Youth Daily reporter has learned that the perpetrators of personal credit bad information recorded by uncultured journeys can actively participate in rail transit volunteer services for poor information recovery.

In addition, if the person believes that the poor credit information is incorrect, he can also submit a request to the municipal traffic law enforcement department to review the personal credit information and the traffic enforcement department of the municipality will check and process it.


Very few passengers still eat on the metro.

In response to the release of regulations such as "fasting" in the metro, the front-line employees of the metro are very "happy". The reporter from Beiqing Daily found that the food in the subway currently mainly occurs at the early peak stage: in Dajialiu subway station about 5% of passengers take food to enter the station, about 2% of food in the metro is eaten. Not much.

Zhu Youjun, the head of Qianmen Station, told Beiqing Daily that, because the Qianmen station area is a large passenger train station, and there are more tourists visiting Beijing, there are frequent travelers & special Guangzhou snacks & # 39; such as sugared haws and old popsicles. The peak hours are particularly serious. For the phenomenon of eating in the metro, the Beiqing Daily reporter randomly interviewed ten passengers on different lines during the evening rush hour, 9 of whom said they had seen it with their own eyes. Some even spoke to reporters who had seen one on the morning peak. The lady eats "chive filled sandwiches". One of the male passengers even said frankly that they had eaten fried chicken in the metro.

For the uncivilized behavior in the metro, most respondents said that the most unbearable thing is to eat early, talk loudly or play video music, and a person takes up more seats. Among them the most complaints about the passengers who eat earlier. One of the women interviewed said that the sandwiches had the heaviest smell early in the morning, which had the greatest impact on the environment of the ride. At the same time, they were also worried that eating and drinking during braking would fail and accidentally injure other passengers or foul the car.

There are also passengers who say that as long as they do not eat strong flavors in the metro (spicy strips, durians, etc.), shells and snails, that will contaminate the metropolis environment, or if they have no influence on others, it is acceptable. It is understandable that I have not had time to eat on time and have low blood sugar.

What is the effect after the implementation of the new regulations? Yesterday at 5:03 am, the Beiqing Daily reporters visited metro lines 1, 2, 5, 10 and 13. In the past three hours, the reporter found a number of passengers with food on the road, some taking the soup with Oden in the soup and cooked in the compartment. Some people also ate hamburgers and other snacks in the compartment.

The reporter from Beiqing Daily noted that a woman was starting to eat in the compartment at Wudaokou Station of Metro Line 13. She was eating hamburgers and some fried snacks on the way. Before they arrived at the Xizhimen terminal of Line 13, the lady put the food in the bag. Throughout the process, the woman did not bother others because the food she used had no noticeable taste and other passengers paid no attention to her eating behavior.


For the uncivilized behavior: "first discourage law enforcement"

If there is such & # 39; n uncivilized behavior in the subway, what should I do? The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission said that the relevant parties in the metro should discourage the civilized behavior of passengers and stop the uncivilized journeys to be stopped. Metro operators have the right to refuse to provide bus services and to report to public safety and traffic enforcement authorities. The municipal traffic law enforcement service records the personal credit bad information and the public security bodies will process it according to the law.

In terms of specific implementation, Zhu Yajun, the head of Qianmen Station District, also made a similar statement with the introduction of the Beiqing Daily reporter. He said that the metro's general staff will discourage passengers' eating behavior and that only the & # 39; small & # 39; passengers who really do not listen are & # 39; forced & # 39; or be transferred to public security.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing and Hong Kong subways, if the station staff finds that uncivilized behavior such as escaping tickets, occupying seats, eating, smoking, spitting, litter etc. occur in their daily work, they will immediately stop or convince. If the passengers do not listen to dissuasive behavior, they will submit an application for assistance to the security staff of the stations, the police of the resident police or the police brigade for police transit.

Text / reporter Liu Wei Song Xia Fu Chenlin

Photography / newspaper reporter Huang Liang


Non-civilized journeys that contain poor personal credit information include:

(1) escaping the ticket by illegally entering or leaving the gate, counterfeiting a change card, etc.;

(2) multiple seats occupied by one person in the train compartment;

(3) eat in train compartments other than babies & patients;

(4) promoting products or carrying out marketing activities;

(5) Listen video or music.

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