2018 Location campaign Miss Hong Kong campaign reduces TVB: no time

2018 Location campaign Miss Hong Kong campaign reduces TVB: no time

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TVB managers said: no money, no time, this Sunday evening will be held in the final

Jin Yangwang reporter Hu Guangxin

The Miss Kong campaign of 2018 will be held this Sunday evening. Last year, the campaign "Dragon and Phoenix" of the sister campaign in Hong Kong still reminded people: the sister election in Hong Kong became the "product promotion meeting" of TVB's new live broadcast platform. The nominated Jiali made a net red and not only went out on the streets to be broadcast live during the publicity phase. Even the final scene was deprived of the spotlight of the "Da Ming Tang" mascot of the platform; Lei Zhuanger won a thousand stones and the netizens bombarded TVB "making horses." The sister campaign of Hong Kong this year is also not worrying, from the beginning of the primary elections is not much.

Zhiwei is not in front

In the top 20 Jiali Swimwear Media Meeting on the 21st, Wireless announced the host list this year, led by Zheng Yuling, Lu Yong, Jun C, Mai Meien, Feng Yingying and other young people. Zeng Zhiwei, who organized many sister campaigns in Hong Kong, is not on the list. In an interview Zeng Zhiwei admitted that he had not received an invitation this year to perform with the sister of Hong Kong. Hong Kong media speculated that the absence of Zeng Zhiwei from Hong Kong's sister campaign this year was not separate from the recent blocking rumors & # 39;

The direct cause of this "blocking" was that Zeng Zhiwei appeared on TVB's opponent Viu TV: during the World Cup Zeng Zhiwei was a guest in the special Russian program for Viu TV and he was invited to lead the team to Russia to see the final. . In addition, he said in an interview with the media that he will cooperate more with Viu TV. Hong Kong media reported that the movement of Zeng Zhiwei was angry at the top wireless. However, the general assistant of the wireless assistant Yu Yushan denied the rumor and said that the host of the sister final in Hong Kong this year is "to give the new generation more opportunities". She also said that there is still the possibility in the future to cooperate with Zeng Zhiwei.

Regardless of whether the rumors are true, but as a symbolic figure in organizing many Hong Kong sisters events, Zeng Zhiwei is quite outspoken about the Hong Kong sister campaign: in 2013 Yu Yushan took the lead in reshaping the sister system in Hong Kong, and Zeng Zhiwei was dissatisfied with the change from Hong Kong sister from live broadcast to recording; Last year Zeng Zhiwei also missed the election of the sisters of Hong Kong After the bombing of the finals it was "disastrous" and described the whole game as an "advertising program."

Scene recordings become smaller

The 20 finals of this year Carrie went to the Saigon in Hong Kong for the first time to set up a special function, after which they pulled the team to cross the Macau and photo's at the Macau Fisherman & # 39 ; s Wharf. Since 1987, the sisters of Hong Kong have made location shots that have traveled the world for almost 30 years: the most beautiful times have been in the UK, France, Italy, South Africa and other places, in recent years they have Asia and other places visited. This year the beautiful ladies did not even have to sit on the plane, which is the most convenient location in history.

However, TVB executives denied this year that they had cut funding for the Hong Kong sisters. Yu Yushan said that the costs of the Hong Kong sister club this year are higher than in previous years. He Xiaohui, manager of the wireless non-drama division and program leader, said the location of this year is not enough because of the lack of time: this year the Hong Kong sisters will start the first elections in early July and the finals will be held on August 26th. , just a month and a half before and after, "since With so little time, it's better to let the girls stay in Hong Kong and let them train more time, not to be ashamed, it does not mean that their quality is not good."

Audience one person, one voice

Last year, the finals of the Hong Kong sisters adopted the star-rated jury voting system: the 10 judges had complete control over the fate of the final, but they joked: the battle between the champion and the runner-up was flat and eventually host Zheng Yuling decided who was the champion. Some netizens say that "the election of the sisters of Hong Kong is more than the election of the classification leader."

The sister support of Hong Kong this year changed again to the public. Reportedly, this vote was carried out in a new TVB app. At 12 o'clock in the night of the 19th the public can vote for 5 favorite beauties in the app. This year it is said that 100% of the audience decides the result: on the night of the final the star-rating team selects the last three strongest fans. The audience votes for one person and one vote and chooses the champion out of the top three.

Before TVB cast a vote for the public, it would encounter an Oolong accident from time to time, such as "system failure", and the result is always hard to convince. TVB has prepared Special Plan B this year. Yu Yushan said that netizens in the early morning can take the third place in their hearts. If the system is really problematic, the organizing committee will take over the results of the first vote of the audience, if the system is functioning properly, it will be based are on the first vote score of the audience. Count the final 7 minutes of the final vote.

Belle silhouette: who is hot?

Since August, the 20 finalists have become increasingly compact: the style of the test, the press conference and the location are very busy. The average quality of this year's beauty largely corresponds to the consistent aesthetics of the Asians, and the westernized faces of the previous champion Lei Zhuanger are not seen. Who is more champion in this group of standard beauty?

Ding Zitian (nr. 7)

No. 7 Ding Zitian is the winner of the Hong Kong sisters in this year. She looks at the atmosphere and is very clear in many beautiful things. Ding Zitian was born in a wealthy family and his aunt was a senior actor, Ding Zhuhui, the nominee for the sister of Hong Kong was director Zhang Jianting. Ding Zitian settled in Chicago at a young age and graduated from the University of Michigan. This time she returned to Hong Kong from the United States, and therefore broke up with her boyfriend who had been in love for five years. To choose Hong Kong sister, she is also very difficult.

He Yongzhen (No. 14)

No. 14 He Yongying is also a current participant of this year. She is a diving instructor with a wheat color, healthy and sunny, like a black pearl in a group white and clean. This time the bathing suits met the media activities and he Yongying took the spotlight.

Chen Yuancheng (No. 15)

No. 15 Jiali Chen Yuancheng is a member of the former women's team of Hong Kong, As One, which debuted in Korea in 2015 but dissolved in only two years. After Chen Yuancheng was chosen as a Hong Kong sister, his popularity and attention was high.

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