2018 wheat field music festival fully Raiders officially drinking water network comprehensive coverage Music festival Wheat Field Music Festival Raiders

2018 wheat field music festival full Raiders officially released2018 wheat field music festival full Raiders officially released

Sina Entertainment News The first festival of wheat field music organized by Taihe Music Group will take place in the music theme park of Beijing Changyang from 23 September to 24 September. The fans are very enthusiastic, to give everyone more information, to enjoy the music festival, today we have released the complete Raiders of food, drinks and games.

The concept of the festival of this year's cornfield music is "Lady First" and "Nature First". With respect to & # 39; Lady First & # 39; the organizer prepared hot water on site and also revealed 300 mobile toilets in an unprecedented way, with mobile toilets reaching 80% for women. There is also a female service in the official sales area of ​​the wheat field, which is a crucial moment for women. To change the situation of the large-scale event after the event, volunteers will be present at the music festival on the cornfield to encourage everyone to actively participate in the dirt classification and to treat the earth with action.

The Wheatfield Music Festival also shows some differences in other matters that the audience is very concerned about at the festival. For example, most parts of the Wheat Field Music Festival relate to Wi-Fi. Moreover, in order to strive for a "powerful" music festival, there are thousands of charging facilities available for the public to use.

On the timetable of the music festival, the music festival on the cornfield also took a lot of thought, deliberately designed the timeline, and the performances of all stages in the same period are all at a glance, so that everyone can arrange the order of the performances reasonably and not worry need to worry about catching up.

In addition to the line-up, food, interactive games and transport are all important parts of the festival. The festival for field music this year selected Chinese and foreign merchants to let the tongues of the fans dance. In the "beautiful train" in the field, fans can take photos in different compartments, explore the mysterious music room and feel the "VR" version of Divine Comedy. A robust off-road vehicle will be shown on site and you can also work together to view the game in the e-sports interactive area.

The festival is a music festival as well as a carrier and a collection of interesting lifestyles. The cornfield music festival website has launched a charity sale together. The bazaar products include handmade metal paintings and handmade soap. Fundraising for charity will be used in the "Partnership Program" to help more lagging children.

The most important point of the music festival is that the traffic is useful. To this end, the music festival for corn fields is set up in 5 transport hubs and there are 5 bus hubs for music festivals, starting at Dongzhimen subway station, Sihui subway station, Wudaokou subway station, Majiapu subway station and Wukesong subway station. . At the same time there will be a free music festival shuttle bus at the intersection of Fangshan Line Fence House Station, Changyang Station and Donghuan Fu Road. Self-driving friends can find the south gate of Changyang Music Park. To avoid overload, it is best to take the five rings.

For those taking the bus, you can choose the subway station Xihongmen to take the 993 to the Changyang subway station, the Junliuzhuang station or the house of the fence, or the Guanganmen bus station or the Liuliqiao East bus station to the 832 to the subway station Changyang to take. Changyang Peninsula North District Station. To make it easier for everyone to make a tour between the metro station and the main location, the music festival for wheat fields also offers bicycles for fans.

"Being in the city, the heart has a wheat field" does not become a false chat. Countless times of desire is not as good as one trip, to pack the mood, I hope fans will go to the golden festival of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Note: 2018 Beijing Wheat Field Music Festival prohibits the admission of minors Students who have already purchased student tickets must remember that they must bring their student card and ID card.

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