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2018-09-19 10:15:08 Source: Time comment

Author: Cao Canhui source: Comment circles Editor: Hong Xiaobing found that "Dragon" error in the name of Hebei "hazelnut city," wrote the "stick Town," "The fans" Like Yong Jin Yong pointed to the letter. Li Keyong recently received an answer from secretary Jin Yong. The letter promised to be corrected in the future and will correct it in the future. (September 13 "Beijing Youth Daily") "Eternal Dragon Sword", Volume III, Chapter 33, "Song Changqin Short Clothes Flowing Yellow", Zhang Wuji follows the flame, traces the traces of the father-in-law Xie Xun and has passed Hebei Lulong, Shahetun, Bangzi Town, Fengrun, Yutian, Sanhe, Xianghe … The Shahetun mentioned in the text is the current Shaheyu City, which belongs to Qian & # 39; an, Tangshan, Hebei Province. Li Keyong has lived here since his youth, so he passed on Zhang Wuji. This series of places is very well known. He discovered that several other place names written by Jin Yong were correct, but the only "stick town & # 39; was wrong, and it would be Xunzi Town & # 39; must be. Although the novels are fictional, they do not have to be true. However, Li Keyong believes that Jin Yong's original intention is to place the fictional plot in the real environment to enhance the appeal of the novel. If this small mistake is corrected, it will not only damage the artistic appeal of the work, but also improve it. Let's regret it. Jin Yong is a literary master who is known at home and abroad and even if he ignores the opinions of the readers, no one will blame him. However, Jin Yong is not the case, it allows the staff to carry out a serious investigation. After confirming that it is indeed wrong, it is sincerely committed to correct it in the future. The imaginative and rigorous masters of Jin Yong from the school can be seen, it is worthy of praise, it is worth learning. In fact, there are many beauty lessons in the history of Chinese literature about one word teacher & # 39 ;. The five-generation poet Zheng Gu changed the "Early Plum" poems in the poems, and changed the "former village deep snow, last night a few branches" in "former village deep snow, and opened last night". The word "number" was changed to "one", which vividly showed the characteristics of "early plum" – "one branch" preempted, it can be seen early on. The educator of the population, Tao Xingzhi, listened to the advice of the children and changed the words "Children automatically learn children" in "Children learn children automatically", the poet Liu listened to the opinion of the editor and in a poem "China laughs! China dances! In the carnival "jump" removed.Although we are pleasantly surprised to see Jin Yong's strictness and seriousness, there are very few media that have the errata statement from the previous day, such as the " New Beijing News. "On September 14 this year, A02: The editorial letter" Text Correction "is: On September 13, the A12 version of the" Car accident reversal mystery: the deceased was changed by the driver "(responsible for the school: Fu Chunzhen, editor: Cao Linhua), in the second line of the preface, "Liang Chao continues to appeal" should be "Liang The superfamily continues to complain. & # 39; However, there are very few writers and teams that are so rigorous and serious and literary and literary plagiarism is endless, even if they are criticized, they will not agree. The & # 39; teacher with one word & # 39; never gets out of fashion and the era calls for "teacher with one word & # 39 ;. Our media and literary and art workers must be rigorous and serious, not leave a punctuation mark and make a mistake in writing, the pursuit of beautiful beauty, which is responsible for the readers and the public, but also a legacy of a ruthless and rigorous academic spirit.

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