Face to face "Russian Biography" female producer Huang Wei: "Successful women or men accept themselves, accept everything!" – Yangzi Evening News

Face to face "Russian Biography" female producer Huang Wei: "Successful women or men, accept themselves, accept everything!"

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On August 20, when the hard way of "Rugao Biography" finally met the audience, it was a week away from the 39th birthday of filmmaker Huang Wei, the new media vice president who is about to enter the 40-year-old threshold to go. President, since becoming a producer in 2011, he has become one of the most successful television drama producers in China. His masterpieces include "Hot Mom", "Big Husband", "Tiger Mom Cat Daddy", "Female Doctor Alum" Biography, "My First Half", etc., This long list of dramas, it is not difficult to see that her interests and creative direction are inseparable from these three important issues: women, emotions, education. Recently the Yangzi Evening News reporter visited Huang Qi in the coffee shop of Beijing Financial Street. With autumn outside in Beijing in September, the 87-episode "Rugao Biography" is discussed in the online world. Faced with all this, Huang Wei said that every step he made has a lateral impression of his life.


Being a daughter to being a mother

Reflective education: can not pass on a learning disorder about children

The jaundice in front of her eyes is beautiful, intellectual and elegant, although she has been studying and living in Hangzhou for many years, she can still distinguish the southern features of her bones when she speaks softly and indifferently. And her appearance is also very easy to remind us of the excellent students such as the captain, the squad leader and the members of the literary committee at school. I heard the Yangzi Evening News reporter say that Huang Xiao smiled. "Yes, I was a squad leader and a big team committee when I was a kid. & # 39;

Huang Wei was born into an intellectual family and his father was a famous playwright, Huang Ya. From the younger father, Huang Wei has a traditional and rigorous training, so that the only daughter to take the road of "study tyrants" as a school, and also used various holidays to see her to the famous mountains and rivers, hope she The spirit and the future have a lot to offer. However, when Huang Wei mentioned the severity of his father's education, he said: "He must write a diary every day and he must use a ruler for even the same painting." What worries her daughter is that when Huang Wei was born, he was "naughty". Huang Ya has also composed a dialect from Hangzhou to make the daughter slip: the skin is black, the nose has collapsed and the eyes are hollow.

What did Huang Hao do when he left the family? When she was in college, she went to the United States and went to the top ten. After graduating from college she did not even want to find a job and wanted to be a housewife at home. As a producer, she created a TV series & # 39; Tiger Mom and Dad & # 39 ;. Reconsider the education of Chinese families … This behavior can all be seen as her communication with her father in different time and space, but also reveal the hidden rebellion, tenacity and intransigence in her character. Today, Huang Wei is a mother of 15 years and 10 years old, a man and a woman. When she talked about education, she told the Yangzi Evening News reporter: "My own education concept has gone through a long period of adaptation. I accepted my parents' idea at the very first moment and made higher demands on children. I hope they will Every day I managed to get very tight, later I discovered that children under high pressure, but the resentment of learning, the daily guidance and excessive attention of the parents, led to their uprising.We can increase the fear of children. learn not to pass. & # 39; – I can tell that until Huang Qi had her own child and the problem of education pro-tested, she felt the influence of the previous generation education on her later, after her father Huang Yasan the television series, he once said: "It was too harsh with Huang Wei when he was a child."

Through the creation of films and television, Huang Wei has also changed his upbringing concept. "What children often remember is not what he did wrong at the time, but the emotions that parents have blown out during this error correction process.When the emotion is higher than the event itself, the education has no effect, it feels that kind of fear, so I feel that we can not pass on our emotional tension to the child. I have now changed, I respect him as the main subject of learning, feeling, so we are both in a good mood. "

From Xiangfu to the elite of the workplace

Unlike marriage: do not be lucky in external things

Over the past seven years, Huang Wei has done many topic dramas, including "Hot Mom is a biography" about self-restructuring that has been brought to birth, "Tiger Mom and Dad", about the self-reflection of education: "I The first half of life is about marriage and love, and Rugao Biography is a reflection of human abyss through marriage, and it is clear that Huang Wei has always used the sensitive eyes of women to to observe between people in this society and the manner of harmony between man and society, this also makes her TV series a sharp anatomy and reflection on the social life muscles, while at the same time the external audience can also blur the context of the personal life of Huang Wei. see on the basis of the theme of these episodes.

Huang Wei graduated from the Russian language department of the Shanghai International Studies University, studied economics at Moscow University, did not study, married and had children, once wanted a woman who hoped to reach her father's career go home for her son to teach, even if I feel old when I am old, I write on the epitaph that & # 39; this is a good woman and a good mother & # 39 ;. Then she was forced by her father to go to China International Television Corporation to submit a CV interview. She worked in this state-owned company for seven years, until 2011, when she was invited by Xinli Media to become a producer. At that time she had just experienced the birth of a second child, after the first child was promoted to a small, then divorced, became a single mother, her career began to rise … In this way, as a professional woman, Huang Wei for love The feelings of marriage are very deep, and all this focused on her latest work, such as the rumor story, this costume drama, which gives her a very unique creative experience.

"In my opinion, today's people hope to find happiness with a certain formula, and everyone wants a relatively simple and fast way of life happiness." Ruyi Biography "reflects the" city besieged by the marriage ", in fact of the emperor In terms of the above there is no encirclement, there are no taboos and there are few taboos like this, but maybe what we want say about this siege actually the other side we are looking forward to never achieve.Exterous people believe that the marriage is very good.World people feel that the marriage is very good.We often save our so-called happiness in life a certain point.The emperor is attached to the imperial power.If you are stuck with love, the aunt will be pinned to power, and some will be placed at the birth of the emperor.We have grafted all future definitions of happiness into something from the outside, so at the end of the story everyone will have a new reflection when they leave, while at the same time we also think about success. "In the heart of Huang Xin he is a film- and television drama. "In order to judge whether a work has breakthroughs and leads to the values, I think that my father's most direct influence on me still exists.For the love of writing, I have seen and heard, but also that because of their own creativity for literary and to build artistic works, and thus affect the community, this is a very noble thing. "


From a lost woman to a female idol

Anti-real life: first, independence, followed by dedication

With the balance and development of career and life, today's Huang Wei has become a female idol of many young girls. She is independent, confident, wise and successful. She asks about her feelings about her previous experiences in Virgo, she said. . "I do not have the so called" conversion ", I can accept the present and everything and I will not regret it. I think every decision we make now is the best choice right now. # 39; There may be regret in the process, I did not do it here or there, but I really do not do it right, I'll do it later. & # 39;

For Jiangsu readers, Huang Wei is the guest speaker on the TV program "If You Are The One". Her views on love and marriage in the program have enabled her to establish her own unique contemporary independent female image. At the invitation of the Yangzi Evening News reporter she gave some advice to young girls: "We do not want to look at women from the latitude of gender or from a human perspective, for example we have to see if we can achieve some independence, like the economy. Some independence, some independence in personality Secondly, we can do something that has the potential to create value, which can be the realization of a certain self-worth, or a value that benefits society. "Independence, followed by dedication In this process, which scope is reasonable, for example whether it can be created in business, can create more value. In love, or maintain emotional independence, or it is too dependent Can you give more dedication in emotional relationships, in Instead of asking for more, including family and friendship, humanity is not a separate aspect, it is a three-dimensiona le, multidimensional, sometimes we do not have to close certain functions. "

Huang Qi, who is not lacking in the pursuit of people, is currently in love. Her love concept seems to be more worth listening to young girls. "First we have to live ourselves to attract people to love us, or we can take care of ourselves and have the strength to care for others Love Not everyone is in a state of scarcity, very little in love, wants to fall in love be No, it is because we have lived very well, I have the strength to say that I love you Love, not mutual request, But share it with each other If you are experiencing difficulties, you do not want me to help you, but ask questions, I hope you give me some ideas. "

In the program "New Dating Time" there was a girl with a blind date who said that the love between men and women is united to resist the cold of the world, which has caused heated discussions among the netizens. Huang Wei disagrees, she said: "I do not agree with cold cold, I think two people are together to embrace the world and embrace the future. The outside world is all a chance, there is no absolute positive and negative The difficulties and setbacks are very difficult at the time, but the other way around is to think that it is because of those difficulties that you can grow up … We can not consider everything absolutely negative, this thing is not done, but it will breed. There is a possibility, we have to adapt. "This way of looking at the world is to embrace an uncertain future and embrace multiple possibilities." When two people feel together about each other to heat and fight against the cold, the premise here is fear.It costs heat, people and the world are not so strong confrontation, good and bad change, together they must become better people. "Here she sinks and she continues, "or More love to the world ewe. "

Quick question and answer:

Z = Yangzi Evening News / Yangyan reporter Zhang Wei

H = Huang Wei

Z: Like so many women in & # 39; Biography & # 39 ;, what do you think you are?

H: I am not a jealous one. Maybe I think there are more things, but I do not think a person should be love for life. If you want to be a heart, you want to be a heart. Her tragedy is here, I do not live for a single relationship at all, I think the meaning of life is not right now.

Z: How do you think about defining "successful women"?

H: Accept yourself and accept everything. I think this is a success, accepts perfection or imperfection, accepts the people around you and the world.

Z: If this success rate is 100, what do you think you did?

H: I work very hard, I've done 70, 80.

Z: What is your favorite wife? Take the actresses you have worked with as an example.

H: There is no special rating, everyone has a number of points, making you very happy and happy. Zhou Xun & # 39; s professionalism, Zhao Wei's free and easy, open-minded, Sun Hao is for example, someone who embraces challenges. Etc.

Z: What do you think of "successful men"?

H: Certainly not the kind of man that is defined in society. Well, a successful man, as a successful woman, is able to accept herself and the world, not to confront, to face everything, to confront and to deal with. I have seen that many men around me use the confrontation and the sign to brush up the feeling of being alive. I do not think they are successful men.

Z: What is your hobby?

H: I really like painting. It turned out to be riding and reading on a horse.

Z: What kind of person do you think you are, apart from the definition of the outside world?

H: I am a woman who loves to learn. I am full of love and curiosity about this world.

Z: For most people it seems easy to be curious about the world, but is it a bit difficult to love?

H: "Love" is to find what you love, many people do not like enough because they have not found it.

Z: What do you like?

H: I think I love this job very much. If you do not have this love, you can not really go down. There are too many difficulties. Every piece, when you get out, completes self growth and communicates with the public by promoting each other. This is a very good experience of rapid growth, which is inherently valuable.

Yangzi Evening News / Yangyan Reporter: Zhang Wei

Editor: Chen Shen Sheng Huimei

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