"I am not a drug god" divided into exposure Xu Wei accounted for 150 million – worry-free information

This summer file has produced a lot of good films. "I am not a drug god" is undoubtedly one of the dark horses. Although the costs are not particularly high, the cash register and word-of-mouth advertising are very good, but it is 9.0 points. The results of the "richest man of Xihong City" of the Biya army of 2,521 billion more than 577 million! It is also unique in the history of Chinese cinema and shows the success of this film.

Xu Wei is undoubtedly the biggest winner in this film, he is also an indispensable producer and director, he also won the Baidu Entertainment Person of the Year award for his film. The total cash register is thirty. More than 100 million yuan, such performance is very impressive, and it is undoubtedly another success of Xu Wei.

Recently, the return price of the box office of this film was revealed.The return rate of the box office is as high as 100% .The final yield is more than one billion yuan.This type of income is undoubtedly very impressive.That is finally also a medium-cost film. So much investment, but it has achieved a very high return, so the benefits are also very impressive.

In this film Xu Wei is the most powerful person, so he is undoubtedly the biggest winner behind the success of this film, and he is also a shareholder in the media company, so he also made a lot of money with the film. According to the proportion of the film, the production and distribution of the distribution is divided into 1 billion yuan, which also shows the haughtiness of Xu Wei.

Because Xu Wei became director since the change, the level of his work has remained quite high. Although he is an actor, he is undoubtedly successful in the sector of directors, whether it is the previous Thai baht series, or Now I am not a drug god, including players behind the scenes, etc. I can see his luster as a director and a businessman, and he can also be regarded as a dark horse in the regional world.

According to Xu Wei's share in Huanxi Media, the total share of 1 billion yuan, he can get about 15 percent, which means that Xu Wei earned 150 million in a play, which is really pretty powerful. The sky-high reward of the actor is now completely limited, it is quite difficult to break the annual income by 100 million. It is really a dazzling thing for Xu Wei to have such a result.

After that, Xu Wei will have a lot of movies to be released, because I'm not the success of Yao Shen, so many viewers are looking forward to a series of films after him. From the development of Xu Wei in recent years, we can do that from See the beginning too He was ridiculed by the group, but after so many years of hard work, he showed everyone very good films, you can also see Xu Wei's awe for the industry of actors and directors.

In general, I am not the success of the Medicine film. "Not for nothing." This film reveals some very real social problems, and it also evokes people's thinking about human nature, and it is also a history in Chinese film history. Progress, so Xu Wei is actually earned.

According to reports, the new film by Xu Wei is already officially prepared, he is called aunt, he says that Xu Wei was involved in a trade dispute, but he was confused and went with his mother to the Russian train, I do not know if this movie will be held. Beyond the previous Thai baht?

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