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Original title: Indian film "Sudan" China premiere Salman Khan for love that struggles against the wind

Sohu Entertainment News (Ha Mai / Wen Li Nan / video) August 27, the Indian film "Sudan" premiered in Beijing. This is a struggling love film starring Ali Abbas Zhafa, starring Salman Khan and Anushuka Shama, who was released in India in July 2016. Two years later introduced in China, it will be officially released on August 31st.

"Sudan" tells the story of a man struggling against the wind. The Sultan from the northern city of India fell in love with the daughter of the struggling coach and wrestled with his determination and love with love, eventually attacking the Olympic champion and holding the beauty. Although Sudan won the Olympic gold medal, he lost his beloved family because of his arrogance. The only way to regain the heart of his wife is to go back to his stage.

The Sultan was a star of Salman Khan, one of the three most important jerseys of India, his "Little Lori & # 39; s Monkey Uncle" was introduced in China in March this year. In "Sudan", Salman Khan changed the image of "Uncle of the Monkey God" into the image of Qi Yu and turned love into a tough guy. Thanks to the powerful acting skills Salman can switch between & # 39; strong & # 39; and & # 39; keep cute & # 39 ;, thereby creating a wrestler perfectly that combines tenderness, tenacity and temperament.

The film unleashes the inspiring story of the small people, the awareness of the young struggle, the reversal of the career in middle age, the emotional redemption of the family crisis, and other elements that touch the hearts of the people and resonate with the audience.Go back to Sohu and see more

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