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2018-09-14 10:22:47 Source: Sohu Entertainment

Original title: Interview with Ma Yizhen: Find inspiration to act with the article

Wang Xuebing and Ma Yizhen accepted an interview with Sohu Entertainment

Sohu Entertainment News (Sanding / Wen flood / map Zhao Mingqi / video) It is hard to imagine that Mai Yi played a truck driver in the film "Undecided Road" with a very well-founded image. The first shot came out, she waved her key and yelled out the truck. The face was dirty and the hair was full of earth, it completely faded the image of the Shanghai woman who was in her previous urban drama, or clever or sprinkled.

Ma Yizhen gave half the success of this subversion to her husband's article. Because the article is a North-Western person, during the long-term relationship between the two, she is familiar with what a Northwester says, which gives her a great help in the role analysis and preparation on & # 39; The road to no choice & # 39 ; The state has been successfully introduced.

When the film was recorded, the daughter of Ma Yi just went to the first grade. She really wanted her daughter and screamed an article to visit the class. I thought the article was very exciting when I arrived at the shooting scene, I was asked to play a role and temporarily receive a backpacker.

Wang Xuebing, who also lives in the northwest, quickly came into play when he appeared in "The Road to No Choice" because of his familiarity with the region. Especially in the dialect he was "returned to the original form", more like real people.

Not long before that, I went to the Venice Film Festival. However, the appearance of Wang Xuebing in Venice was caused by his blessings. When it came to personal body management, Wang Xuebing said he was thin, did not feel fat and felt very agile.

Before the launch of the publicity period of the film, Wang Xuebing had not appeared in public for a long time because of personal life. He said that during this time the time was mainly spent on acting. Wang Xuebing said with a sigh of relief that caused the storm: "In fact, I wrote a song many years ago and wrote it to my son, called" Dida ".The song looks special, like the confession of a person, but it has actually been written many years ago. & # 39;

The text is perhaps the answer he did not say – the dream is that you do not have to pay the bill, we do not care that others run faster than themselves, and winning yourself is enough. We should simply live to enjoy this ordinary.

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