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Original title: Juliette Binoche "Life is like summer flowers" singing is a challenge

Juliette Binoche hopes to share the "silent interaction" on the stage with the audience. Ling Feng

Juliette Binoche has always been a big fan of Barbara.

Juliette Binoche has always been a big fan of Barbara.

Last night the French "national treasure" actor Juliette Binoche brought a musical drama: "Life is like summer flowers – Juliet Binoche pays homage to the Queen of the Barbara" (hereafter: "Life is like summer flowers") In the theater showed she and the French pianist Vincent Delem the legendary life of the French pad Queen Barbara in the form of singing, performance, etc., and let Barbara's wonderful songs and songs return to the stage.

As one of the most influential legendary singers of France in the last century, the stage image of Barbara is a unique, thin and radiant face, a long and thin figure, dressed in a black long skirt, singing the lost love with melancholy and melancholy . She strives for an unconstrained playing style, especially for live performances that communicate with the audience at short distances. The French actor Juliette Binoche was the first actress in the history of the film that won the Grand Slam of the three major European film festivals and captured the hearts of many target groups with her unique temperament. And she did not stop at the screen and the lens, but also performed well in the field of painting, dancing, drama and so on. As a fan of Barbara, the 54-year-old Juliette Binoche broke the professional boundaries again, sings loud, sings with love for the stage and the memory and respect for the singer Barbara, the legendary singer It is presented to the audience through music and performance throughout life.

As Juliet Binoche said, she knows how to turn the darkness of life into a bright black velvet into a brilliant sun.

Binoche is a tribute to the idol "Channon" is a popular song written in French and is based on the rhythm of French, not on the rhythm of English, so it is considered "French". The text of the fragrant fragrance pays attention to the charm and artistic conception. Barbara is known as "French Toon 3B" together with Jacques Brel and Georges Brassens. Binoche has always been a big fan of Barbara.After being an actor, Barbara and she had some personal contacts. When Barbara was done, Binoche waited more than an hour in the background. Say hello to the idol. In 1997, Barbara died of a disease and a few months before her death, Binoche and her gave a letter.

In 2017, Barbara's 20th birthday, as a fan of Barbara, Binoche pays tribute to Barbara in the form of music and drama. The creation of "Life is like summer flower" is performed at the Avignon Theater Festival. Compared to the movie screen, stage stage is riskier, but Binoche simply loves the kind of challenge and the sense of silence on stage. "This silence makes me feel that it is very valuable to share with the audience, and a silent interaction is very nice."

Practice singing to bring shade to children

Barbara is a very influential singer in France, her lyrics are close to life and beautiful, and the melody is beautiful. If you want to show her legendary life on stage, singing is inevitable. Originally this musical drama was created by Binoche and the musician Alexander Tarot, who at that time chose to use the manner of speaking instead of singing, and he said more than he sang. After the pianist Vincent Delham had joined, Binoche decided to try to challenge it and break through. "Because Barbara is a singer anyway, you can not let me sing and say no, it's better than this time." and much more. "

The texts in "Life is like summer flowers" are all words that Barbara wrote earlier and Binoche is also based on his own artistic sensitivity. Normally Noo practices singing at home. "Send your child to school and sing on the road, but when I sang a child, I said," Shut up, you can not stand it, "so I brought lots of shadows to my children." The debut was only a year away, but Binoche was very passionate about presenting the piece with songs. In the beginning the show has only prepared 3 songs and now the audience hears 15 songs in the piece.

Studied more than 300 songs in Barbara

Before playing this musical, Benos carefully read an unwritten autobiography of Barbara and discovered that Barbara was abused by her father when she was about 10 years old. "What do I think?" Power can revive this woman after this tragedy, and can have this power to write songs that everyone can listen to. "Binoche studied more than 300 songs by Barbara," I feel very surprised is the fact that she runs through the 300 songs, her endless expectation of love. "Barbara's songs have also become iconic: former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder once said to Barbara" s brother Tingen is a good start for Germany and France In the era when AIDS is still taboo, Barbara & Barbara # 39; If love to death is discrimination of this disease.

Barbara is unmarried in her life and she has not had many emotional experiences, her only story is living with the soul, so in terms of love she is not a person with a special voice, but her love is more reflected in nature. I love. When Binoche listened to the song, he heard more than the individual but the nature of Barbara himself. "The shape of Shannon is very popular in France, no matter at what age people like to listen, Shannon can sing the joy and sadness in our lives, our expectation of love and the hope and despair of life. especially on. & # 39;

There are no directors in the show.

Unlike the music and the drama from the past: "Life is like a summer flower" is very special and there is no director's position. In the case of Binoche, the form of this work was jointly studied by lighting engineers, musicians, pianists, etc. So there is no director. Ten years ago Binosh and the British modern dance master Aku Hamm created the dance drama "The Deep of Me" without the director. "Everyone does this via interactive communication."

For the way the show is presented on stage, Binoche hopes that the show does not have too much layout on stage. "I told our lighting engineers that you want to use light to make light and dark, and different lights to show different rooms.This room may have a rectangular shape or other geometric shapes, so these different rooms seem to have an invisible line and you can see the different geometric shapes of Barbara's inner heart. "

There is no professional limit

In addition to the identity of the actor, Binoche was also involved in different areas of painting, dance, music, etc. For her there is no professional boundary. "Because I do not treat myself as a pure actor, regardless of I film, drama, dance, painting.In fact, I show this person, my personality, I want to share with others, this desire to communicate with people is the most important, because the form is completely unimportant. "And she feels that she is completely unnecessary in one form or another. Even if she wants to be a drama actor, she hopes to do it all her life, but she does not want to fully connect her whole life and role. "

Binoche called a book she had read earlier, called "Women with the Wolf," which is about how you can make contact with the undiscovered self. She believes that under the pressure of work and the pressure of life in modern society, from one project to another, it is difficult to see for yourself that it is not domesticated. Whether it is about reading a book, making a stay or bending around the river, in fact this situation is connected to yourself. "I personally love people who love exercise and love creation, always from one artistic creation to another, an art creation can not stop, but sometimes I will say you have to stop." If you do not stop, sometimes times when there will be losses, so I try to learn to make contact with my heart. & # 39;

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