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Caption: Lin Yijia on stage (map)

"Forgive me, I can not hear the world, lonely children, lost the wilderness …" On Friday night, Lin Yijia will use the "Flame Creek" issued by the previous kingship as the "Recover Your Heart" mini Live Shanghai field opening repertoire, will love The melody continued from Beijing to Shanghai, and fans also raised the handwriting of & # 39; let the flames go up in flames and merge the streams into the sea & # 39; in response to the friendliness of the idol.

First father, unrecognized performance for hearing-impaired children

This warm moment is because Lin Yijia, who has always had a passion for charity, not only accepts the performance of performances, but also actively increases the number and encourages the record company and the organizer to do charity and donate a donation to hearing-impaired children in need. . After the performance in Beijing on Wednesday, Lin Yijia, a charity ambassador of the charity event "Sound, Hello", jointly sponsored by NetEase Cloud Music and the Dedicated Public Welfare Foundation of Beijing Love, attended the donation ceremony and represented and Huayan International Records. The organizer completed the donation under the attorney's testimony on the spot and handed over 1.2 million yuan to the "decibel of love" to help the hearing-impaired children implant the cochlear implant. Lin Yijia, who was a father, is of the opinion that this cooperation is very fatal. He has just realized how important, but not easy, it is for the birth of a child to participate in this activity, so it is full for the hearing-impaired children and their hard-working parents. Full of suffering and disappointment.

Caption: Lin Yijia in the implementation (sitemap)

"This time because of the cooperation with the decibel of love, I realized that some children can not hear the sound when they are born, but they can recover through surgery and hear the voice of their parents, so after knowing this I am very difficult. "Let's do it." Lin Yijia also called on everyone to download "Flame Creek" to donate money to hearing-impaired children, saying, "We're going to give them hope, let's give big brothers and sisters their hope together. "

The fans also used the full attendance rate to return to the idol application, because knowing this concert Lin Yijia is unpaid execution, fans said very early: "To do charity with Jia Ge." Tickets sold at the beginning of the moment sold out And every big brother and sister who shouted that night heartily fulfilled this seemingly invisible but full of strength and love.

Close-up, serious singing for Shanghai fans

Lin Biaojia, who has not sung so close to the fans, also cherished this "close-up appointment" for a long time. "During the concert, Lin Biaojia said:" The show lasts only 90 minutes and they said it was only from the time I came to power. "It is very popular and fans, every minute of hurrying.

Caption: Lin Yijia in the implementation (sitemap)

This time, "Recovering Your Heart", Lin Biaojia, personally compiled a song list and thought about it. After the end of the Beijing Railway Station, Lin Yijia made a new feeling for the public in Shanghai, rearranging the songs from one day to the next, rearranging the songs. Lin Yijia, who sang seriously, brought songs like "The Scavenger", "Waste", "Innocent and Evil" and "Chinatown" to the fans. When the classic "Lying" sounded, the audience caused the singing. Intimate as Lin Yujia, not only to block the lights with his hands, but also to see the audience, but also: "I play with myself on stage, you have to play with yourself in the audience, you have to have fun. " Lin Haojia, who is happy to play, even after 90 minutes, sang "Hug" and "Shape of the Mouth" to make Shanghai fans scream.

Although "Recover your heart" mini Live "The two games in the mainland are over, but I believe that the love that Yi Jia wants to pass will not end, the flames will go up in flames, the streams will go into the sea and the love will continue and everyone's heart is in every corner of the world (Sun Jiayin, main reporter of Xinmin Evening News)

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